Earthing, Earthlings!

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Have you heard about earthing, or grounding? I just came across this 'novel' scientific breakthrough recently and thought it would be nice to share it in the blog. It is said that we gain health benefits from 'earthing' which is getting in touch with the ground, natural ground, that is. Since we are actually earthlings, this makes so much sense, do you think so too?

If we are "out of touch" from the ground, then we are full of stress and probably experience some illnesses. It is also logical to think that the basis of this study is from the fact that every thing 'emits' energy, and that getting close to nature like plants, body of water and earth..

Now that we live in technology and our lives revolve around gadgets, our mobile phones and computers, we receive a lot of unhealthy amounts of radiation. I am not so knowledgeable about the scientific terms, or what to call those, but what I am sure about is that we live in an unhealthy environment. We spend our days inside poorly ventilated offices or houses with not enough oxygen. That probably is the reason why we get sick very easily.

So try to get in touch with nature as often as you can. I will make this as my new goal. I want to live healthier, I want to really live..

If you can walk barefoot, the better.. of course in a park or somewhere where there is well, ground (not cement!). A walk in the beach is great too, you get to do 'earthing,' plus, you get the healthy benefits of negative ions from the sea breeze!

Let's Go To Singapore!

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Chic in Singapore

Chic in Singapore by cintamuni-1 featuring a flower poster

Six months after working so hard (yes!), is vacation time! We're going to Singapore! I finally get to slow down, relax and just chill out. But Singapore, just like Manila, has a very warm weather so I think I'll have to go with light clothing, probably a hat or an umbrella, haha! A kimono would be fashionable.. well because you might not want to flaunt too much skin and also to protect your skin from photo damage/sun damage!

My Hair Color and Personality

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      What is your hair color and personality?

Personalities have long been attributed to one's hair color, and I think it doesn't matter if it is your natural hair color or not. Like for example, blondes, they say blondes have the most fun. I want to believe it's true if I think about Marilyn Monroe or Madonna (naturally brunette), Paris Hilton (naturally brunette), or Gwen Stefani. I think these girls are really fun and sweet and have a lot of guts.

But for me, I love my natural hair color which is black. I may try to color it once in a while but I enjoy it most when it is black and here's why.

                           This is me having fun in the water, Bais Bay, Negros Oriental. What does this picture tell you about me?

Girls with black hair like me likes to have fun too, but we are more demure and modest, if you like, and subtle. We are rarely straightforward and usually beats around the bush when it comes to conversations. We like to be romantic and poetic and have this sense of drama.

They say that we are deep.Personally, I like solitude and silence. I like to reflect and enjoy the beauty of nature. I am very in touch with nature and with myself.

I am very savvy, too. And I like learning new things, especially those things which are beneficial to my endeavors. I am very entrepreneurial. In fact, I have a small business of my own.

How about you, what is your hair color and personality?Are you bored with your life and your hair color? You can try Madison Reed, and pick a different hair color for a change. They have a wide selection that is tailor-made to suit every hair color, type and skin tone.


Personalized hair color recommendation

Madison Reed has a personalized hair color recommendation depending on your hair type. Is it naturally wavy, black, or color-treated? Mine recommendation for my hair type is this: Venezia Brown

Madison Reed is a hair color company that has re-engineered hair color, making it a healthier, salon-quality alternative.

Spending Christmas and New Year in Japan

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Spending holidays in another country alone sounds exhilarating and crazy at the same time. And for a woman, it can be scary too. Some people say I'm adventurous but I think I am just curious. As I have stated on my previous blog entry, I was supposed to explore Japan with an acquaintance but then plans were changed into just solo traveling, I can say it was an eye-opener experience. I learned a lot of things.

I arrived in Tokyo on Christmas day and it was around 2pm at Haneda Airport. After fetching my luggage, I readied my maps and things to do in order, like acquiring a SUICA card, a card used in Tokyo metro subways, booking for a bullet train trip which was four days ahead because I know it is holiday and it could be hard if I get a ticket on the same day of travel. Haneda is a charming little airport that is very easy to navigate and very clean. I think cleanliness is very common in Japan.

And oh, I must tell you, and I think you will feel this more in case you travel alone -- if you don't know Nihonggo, it will definitely be a culture shock -- you know hearing the Japanese language in and around the airport, I felt scared at first but felt relieved to find that some people, especially those in ticket counters spoke English. And as expected, everybody is very polite.

At Haneda Airport

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