Santorini Vibe

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I've been dreaming of having a European travel, one of them in the list is of course, Santorini, Greece. It might be wishful thinking for now, but who knows, I might actually be able to do it some time in the future. Ah, it would be wonderful to see the glory that was Greece. I would love to see the Aegean Sea and the historic architectures, the Ola castle, the old villages, a tour around the Santorini Thera volcano, of which historic eruption has been historically linked to the disappearance of the city of Atlantis.

So for now while I save more money for my future travels,  I'll just enjoy touring our local Philippine destinations, feeling the Santorini vibe through fashion. This gal below looks so cool, I actually wore almost the same during our company outing in Laguna last weekend :)

                                                                                                 photo from Pinterest

How about you, where is your dream travel destination?

xoxo, Chan

Celebrate Summer The Dumond Way

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My Seoul Escape

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How are you doing, lovelies? Last month I had a short vacation in Seoul, South Korea - I want to share with you the highlights of my trip :)

I have so many photos and it's very hard to squeeze everything in just one post. Anyway, these are some of the memories. Above is the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the vibe is very majestic, even jawdropping and that's not an exaggeration. Maybe because it is full of history. The Bukhansan

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A Yoga Pose To Help You Destress

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It's been so stressful lately in the office because it is 'peak' season. My work requires me to sit all day facing the computer and finish the tasks at hand. A lot of times I miss my breaks or if not, have my lunch late. Times like this, I go to the wash room or some open space and do a few quick forward bends, or if possible (if no one is around), my favorite de-stressing pose, the downward facing dog pose, shown below.

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What I notice everytime I do this pose is that it seems like it puts your blood circulation back to its normal flow, I instantly feel roelaxed after doing this. Plus, your muscles (and bones, probably) get a good stretch, too! So who would need a gym and the machines if one knows these basics? :)

Have a nice day!