Autumn/Winter Beauty Must-Haves

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Winter Beauty Stash

The cooler days are here in the Philippines, and in some countries, it won't be too long for autumn and winter to come. What's in your beauty kit now?

Me, since I still want to keep the natural look, I like to have the mascara to enhance and curve my eyelashes, and I think it's a great time to make use of eyeliner to give more oomph to the shape of the eyes, a lip balm to keep the lips hydrated and a hand and body moisturizer. It's also a good time to wear perfume, in my opinion, especially if you're the type who uses heavier perfumes, the cooler months handle it better.

Epsom Salt Baths For a Good Sleep

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So, who needs massage when you can relax at home and enjoy a do-it-yourself spa (and you can skip the massage, yup)?

My curiosity in organic food and natural healing stuff led me to this new beauty/health regimen: the epsom salt baths. Although salts are not something new in my beauty routine, as I used to have a full body scrub at least once a month using the fine bath salts you can buy in department stores. This epsom salts, however, offers more health benefits.

Epsom salts are of bigger granules, and very similar to rock salt, only that it is more opaque in color and is more dry and hard. It is said to relieve muscle aches, relieve stress, can speed up wound healing, improve blood circulation (which I really, really need as I am always sitting in the office), relieves headache, is good for those with respiratory illness, treats acne, eczema and other skin problems, relieves joint pain, helps mineral absorption.

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate,which is when used in your bath, is absorbed by the skin, and gives you the benefits listed above. I want to emphasize the importance of  having it absorbed by the skin, skin being the largest organ of the body, the skin where toxins are flushed out through the pores. That may be the reason why some people also have skin diseases, as these could be a sign of more serious internal health issues. So, be careful on what you apply to your skin.

Do-it-yourself: Soak in a tub with two to three cups of epsom salt. Or, if you do not have a tub like me, just pour the salt on a bucket of water for your last rinse. Simple. I had a very good sleep the first time I did it, and as if by magic, the muscle pains on my back all disappeared in the morning.

Thank you for reading! :)

Hidden Oasis in Session Road

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Continuing on my solo Baguio journey, let me share with you this hidden oasis I have discovered in the busy streets of Session Road, the Oh, My Gulay! restaurant. It was a piece of serenity, and has this zen-like feel to it, the arts, the layout, the details and the music. The zen-like music that they play in the restaurant is so soothing to the nerves, this place is so wonderful. I will definitely go back. Ssshh, it's a secret, don't tell anyone..

Oh, My Gulay! can be found in the third floor (I think, if not fourth, sorry!) of the green building right across

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Baguio Tree Top Adventure

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This is my so-called solo adventure, because why not? It's a new experience, and I have conquered it well. This happened late last June, I was hesitant at first because I was supposed to visit Baguio with my aunt and cousin but they backed out the last minute. Having filed my vacation time and having been approved a few

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