Celebrate Summer The Dumond Way

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                                    photos from Polyvore; bag and shoes from Dumond Philippines  

My summer style is romantic, dreamy, light and carefree, as if you are just walking on the clouds. I love summer dresses that have light fabric, like cotton/linen or even chiffon, and with subtle colors that imbibe the beautiful summer season.

I have created these two styles as I imagine myself strolling by the beach or in a private resort, feeling the summer breeze that caresses my face, I am holding my straw hat. I am thinking, this is a perfect day for me.

I have picked the shoes and bags from Dumond's Spring/Summer Collection as they complement my style perfectly. Gorgeous, isn't it?

The Dumond way ultimately exudes the Brazilian beauty and style. Dumond offers premium quality shoes, bags and accessories which designs characterizes as elegant and sophisticated as a modern woman.

Choose your own summer style from Dumond's 2014 Spring/Summer Collection here.

                           The Promise by Cintamuni-1 (me) of Polyvore; purse and sandals from Dumond

A Yoga Pose To Help You Destress

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It's been so stressful lately in the office because it is 'peak' season. My work requires me to sit all day facing the computer and finish the tasks at hand. A lot of times I miss my breaks or if not, have my lunch late. Times like this, I go to the wash room or some open space and do a few quick forward bends, or if possible (if no one is around), my favorite de-stressing pose, the downward facing dog pose, shown below.

                              Photo from www.yogamalacapetown.files.wordpress.com

What I notice everytime I do this pose is that it seems like it puts your blood circulation back to its normal flow, I instantly feel roelaxed after doing this. Plus, your muscles (and bones, probably) get a good stretch, too! So who would need a gym and the machines if one knows these basics? :)

Have a nice day!

Early Spring Fashion in Seoul

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How are you ladies? I haven't been blogging lately, I missed you, haha! Two months from now, last week of March, we are going to have our vacation of the year in Seoul, South Korea. Am I excited? Super :D Since it is forecasted to have a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius, I better plan my outfits ahead of time. I don't want to under estimate the cold, so even though it's going to be early spring by then, jackets or coat is still a must on the list, including mittens, scarfs and bonnets, and of course, boots. In the case of the latter, think I'll just wear my ankle booties.

Moments of Confidence With Garnier Light Complete

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How do you celebrate unforgettable moments with confidence? It always starts with feeling good from the inside and out. There's nothing like feeling good inside, you know just having fun, enjoying the sun and not taking yourself seriously.

I love traveling, I would live to do a lot if time and resources permit. Let me take my first ever visit to Boracay last summer solstice as an example, with my friends which turned out to be a very memorable event. It is memorable because first of all, I'm with the nicest people around, my friends. Second, I love the beach, period. Thirdly, the experience enriches you, or in layman's

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