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I'm so happy that it's nearing the Lunar New Year (Feb 10 if I'm not mistaken), this is just the perfect time to complete your new year's top 10 things to start your 2013 year right!  And for me, there's no other than that can fulfill your wishlist, as almost everything and anything under the sun you can find here.

Note: 5 lucky readers will get a chance to win 10k worth of voucher from SULIT. Check the mechanics at the end of this post. Happy reading! 

SULIT is the #1 Classified Ads Website in the country. It's made buying and selling very easy, may it be brand new or secondhand. This is also a hub for wholesalers, or buyers who want to buy in bulk. In fact, in 2010, I found a Juicy Couture wholesaler here whom I bought 40 pairs of flipflops to sell in a bazaar. I contacted the seller through mobile and met her up to pick up the items. I was glad I wasn't disappointed with the items. One important thing is to check the seller's feedback score, to make sure you are not dealing with a scammer.

How to find what you're looking for in SULIT? You just need to enter a keyword/s of the item and it will then give you a list. You can also use the list of categories and/or narrow down your search regarding price or what have you from the options available on the left side of the page. It's so easy that you can buy here even without signing up for an account!

Visit Sulit now at
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With that as a background, here's My 10 SULIT Must-Haves for 2013:

1. Feng shui bracelets. Need I say more? Starting the year right also means time to wear those good luck charms. But for me, it's more than that, I would like to bring myself "closer" to nature, semi-precious stones = nature. Enough said, haha!

view this ad here:,Position,1-1,1

2. Dell laptop - buying gadgets in SULIT saves you a few bucks since they usually are cheaper than those in outlet stores.

view this ad here:,Position,1-18,18

3. shoe boxes - Is organizing your shoes a dilemma too? I found the cheapest wholesale! Woot!

view this ad here:,Position,1-3,3

4. bag organizer - I have a lot of stuff so I really, really need this!

view this sd here:,Position,1-3,3

5. LV bed sheet - This, you can hardly find in department stores and even in Divisoria :)

view this ad here:,Position,1-11,11

6. wooden hangers - these can be pricey when you buy in department stores.

view complete ad here:,Position,1-15,15

7. Juicy Couture swimwear - this is in addition to my swimsuit pairs, I'm trying out this more conservative style this time.

view this ad here:,Position,10-20,200

8. Transcend external hard drive - I super need this to store my pictures! I have a photobooth business so I definitely need one of these.

view this ad here:,Position,1-5,5

9. LED TV - a bigger TV would be nice this new year.

view this ad here:,Position,1-12,12

10. bluetooth earphones - I realized I need this when I do my brisk walking / jogging because regular earphones just wouldn't do. Plus, an officemate told me this Jabra brand is good.

view this ad here:,Position,1-18,18

How about you? How do you start your year right?

5 lucky readers get a chance to win 10k worth of GCs EACH!

Enter the following in the comment box below:

1. List your top 10 items SULIT must-haves (name of items with the links from
2. Your full name
3. Facebook profile URL (or) Twitter ID

This post is an official entry to's collaboration with Nuffnang contest. If this blog wins, my 5 lucky readers (chosen by Sulit) will get 10k worth of Sulit GCs each! Judging criteria is 50% blog creativity and 50% number of comments. I've this strong feeling that we will win this! So go ahead, place your entries now!

Good luck!

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I hope you win the contest. Good luck to all the entrants, too.

Fullname: Julieanne Francis U. Abayan
TWITTER: @JeanneUgay


1. computer -,Position,3-1,41

2. Toddler Shoes -,Position,1-12,12

3. Baby Boy shirt -,Position,1-5,5

4. Ladies Wear -,Position,8-7,147

5. Bedsheet -,Position,1-12,12

6. Sofabed -,Position,1-6,6

7. Smoothie Blender,Position,1-15,15

8. Interior Design Services,Position,1-3,3

9. Wall Sticker,Position,1-12,12

10. Educational Toys -,Position,1-15,15

January said...

Goodluck! Ang mahal pala ng Feng shui bracelets. I'll make my own na lang hehehe

Mommy Maye said...

Good luck! Ang dami pwede bilhin sa Sulit no and no sweat basta ingat lang sa mga scammers.

Mommy Maye

Cool website to buy stuff. Hope you get what you are looking for.

Marife Jarilla
Facebook -

1. Extreme Magic Sing -,Position,1-14,14

2. Aircon -,Position,1-1,1

3. Tablet -,Position,1-3,3

4. Iphone -,Position,1-1,1

5. Freezer -,Position,1-3,3

6. Led TV -,Position,1-1,1

7. Sofabed -,Position,1-5,5

8. Laptop -,Position,1-1,1

9. Washing Machine -,Position,1-3,3

10. Component -,Position,1-6,6

_Afterlife_ said... is a really nice buy and sell site. It also have a user friendly interface(compare to other b&s site). I have done numerous successful buying in there, from Drumset to Sky lantern to Dslr lens kit and many more. You just have to be extra careful coz' bogus sellers do exist. All the deals that I've done are meet ups. Its the most ideal kind of buying for me coz you got to see and try the merchandize first before you can actually buy it. Just always be careful especially when you're a girl. I prefer doing the exchange inside a mall or a fastfood restaurant for security purposes.

Cintamuni said...

Thank you for joining and sharing your SULIT must-haves, guys! Please share this post to your friends!!

I badly want the transparent shoe box! I found some in here but not as cheap as this! I'll check out the site. :)

May Jane Martirez

1. Mountain Bike,Position,1-7,7

2. Samsung Note 2,Position,1-5,5

3. House & Lot,Position,1-6,6

4. Smart TV,Position,1-2,2

5. Skullcandy earphones,Position,1-10,10

6. Labrador,Position,1-8,8

7. DSLR,Position,1-1,1

8. iPAd Mini,Position,1-16,16

9. Washing Machine,Position,2-5,25

10. DVD Player,Position,1-12,12

This is good. :)

Cintamuni said...

Thanks for sharing your SULIT must-haves, MJulia!! :)

Cintamuni said...

Correct! These are being sold for like 90-100+ pesos sa iba!

Cintamuni said...

I forgot na gumagawa ka nga pla ng bracelets sis! How much pla ang rose quartz bracelet mo?

good luck to you... i like feng shui bracelet kaya lang mahal....:-)

anne lei said...

Good luck to us. I already have the bag organizer, pero gusto ko parin bumili ng isa pa.

max said...

i like to join this contest, i better start writing my entry hahaha
goodluck to us

_Afterlife_ said...

Fullname: Christian Tan

1. Laptop -,Position,1-12,12
2. Aircon -,Position,1-12,12
3. Electric Guitar -,Position,1-2,2
4. LED TV -!+SONY+32%22+LED+TV+%28KLV-32EX330%29+Free+DVD+Player?referralKeywords=32+led+tv&featureType=13&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-2,2
5. LED Monitor -,Position,1-1,1
6. Ref -,Position,1-2,2
7. Amplifier -,Position,1-9,9
8. Canon dslr -!!!?referralKeywords=canon+dslr+lens&featureType=13&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-2,2
9. Dslr lens -,Position,1-8,8
10. Photo Printer -,Position,1-2,2 is a really nice buy and sell site. It also have a user friendly interface(compare to other b&s site). I have done numerous successful buying in there, from Drumset to Sky lantern to Dslr lens kit and many more. You just have to be extra careful coz' bogus sellers do exist. All the deals that I've done are meet ups. Its the most ideal kind of buying for me coz you got to see and try the merchandize first before you can actually buy it. Just always be careful especially when you're a girl. I prefer doing the exchange inside a mall or a fastfood restaurant for security purposes.

tet ^0^ said...

cool.. let me see if i can join :)

Aileen said...

These are great items. I like the bag organizer, shoe box, and the bluetooth headset

Allan said...

That was good choices. I hope I can win here too.

I like the transparent shoe box organizer! :) Good luck to you!

Mylene said...

I love the bag organizer :) It is so cool!

What I really love about buy-and-sell is that you can get it with a lesser price. But the disadvantage is that it is already used. Still, it is in good condition and reusable. :) SULIT.COM is the place to be.

Marie said...

I like the feng shui bracelet :) Good luck on your Sulit entry!

good luck sa mga sasali. ill come back to this later after the comex.

Ron Leyba said...

Good luck to all participants. I am now wondering what AYOSDITO will do to counter this SULIT promotional give away. hehe.

Vera said...

I've been meaning to build my own list from Sulit but I keep forgetting, hehe! Sayang di na active yung ad nung sa LED TV.

Jannellius said...

fullname - Janneth Hafalla
facebook -











I bought my LV bed sheets in divi when I was in Manila sometime ago and I'm having a hard time looking for another one here in Cebu. I guess I'll consider ordering it online in soon. :-)

bxu75 said...

Dwight Gomez!/dwight.gomez.77?fref=ts

1. LED tv,Position,1-2,2

2. food processor,Position,1-2,2

3. computer table,Position,2-17,37

4. sala set,Position,2-17,37

5. magic sing,Position,1-19,19

6. Ipad3,Position,1-3,3

7. Canon 550D,Position,1-4,4

8. printer,Position,2-20,40

9. blender,Position,1-1,1

10, aircon,Position,1-1,1

I like those shoeboxes!!! :D Will check them out!

Maan Laxa said...

I'm also looking for clear shoeboxes and wooden hangers! I found these ads, too, pero sa shipping naman babawi. Huhu. :-(

kat said...

I always say I will join this contest but I never got around choosing my 10 must-haves.

I love the shoeboxes, too!

Good luck and hope that you win in this contest. i like it when buying things at a cheaper price.

Farida said...

Godd luck to you, Sis :) It would really be a joy for you to win. The prize at stake is really huge :)

Cym Marzan said...

I love your picks, especially the show boxes, bag organizer and wooden hanger. i hope I could join this contest. :-)

You still can join sis :) just enter ur 10 sulit must-haves with their links from, then your name and your FB profile url

KRIZZA said...

Uyy...I have the same preference with Cym. Those are what I like to have, too. Those wooden hangers, bag organizer and clear shoe boxes. Sakto! :)

Andeng said...

Andrea Maglinao

1. iphone!!+Brand+new+iPhone5+32gb+Openline/+Factory+Unlocked?referralKeywords=iphone5&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-6,6

2. led tv!%29?referralKeywords=led+tv&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

3. pants,Position,1-1,1

4. earphones,Position,1-1,1

5. Drumset,Position,1-8,8

6. shoes,Position,1-4,4

7. speaker,Position,1-3,3

8. car,Position,1-7,7

9. dog,Position,1-1,1

10. xbox,Position,1-1,1

Dave said...

Davidson Macam

my wants

1. PSP -,Position,1-14,14

2. TABLET -,Position,1-1,1

3. AVENGER FLASHDRIVE -,Position,1-1,1

4. IPOD SPEAKER -!!?referralKeywords=speaker&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-1,1

5. ATV -,Position,1-1,1

6. G SHOCK -,Position,1-1,1

7. MAC BOOK -,Position,1-1,1

8. BLUETOOTH HEADSET -,Position,1-1,1

9. AMPLIFIER -,Position,1-4,4

10. CANON POWERSHOT -,Position,1-3,3

Mer Santiago said...

Mer Santiago II


1. Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wifi -

2. Transcend Ultimate SDHC Class 10 - 32 GB -

3. Heat Press & Cutter Plotter -

4. STUN GUN Rechargeable 1Million Volts -

5. Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L -

6. Asus O! Play Mini Full HD Media Player -

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -

8. Seagate External Hard Disk 1TB -

9. McFarlane Spawn I 109 -

10. Epson L110 Printer (ciss Ready) -

Haze said...

Haziel Calinog

1. sala set,Position,1-1,1
2. home theater,Position,1-1,1
3. table set,Position,1-2,2
4. microwave,Position,1-3,3
5. ref,Position,1-13,13
6. laptop,Position,1-3,3
7. projector,Position,1-3,3
8. desktop,Position,1-3,3
9. motorcycle|+Honda+CBR+150R?referralKeywords=motorcycle&featureType=13&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-1,1
10. ladies jacket,Position,1-1,1

Kwiny said...

Queenie Moran

1. Ref -,Position,1-5,5

2. Dslr Cam -,Position,1-1,1

3. Headphone -,Position,1-3,3

4. Merrell shoes -,Position,1-13,13

5. Macbook -,Position,1-2,2

6. Keyboard -,Position,1-1,1

7. Guitar -!!!?referralKeywords=guitar&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-7,7

8. Projector -,Position,1-1,1

9. Mountain Bike -,Position,1-2,2

10. Study table -!?referralKeywords=study+table&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-4,4

Ron Baquil said...

Ron Baquil

1. Wow Magic Sing -

2. Adidas Perfume -

3. Tech Pen -

4. Luggage Bag -

5. Drawing Table -

6. Laptop -

7. Sign Pen -

8. Photo Printer -

9. Bed -

10. Dog -

Anonymous said...

Full Name: Hare Krishna Miljohn S. Cleofas











lyka said...

Name: Lyka Mariz Delos Santos











Krista Danielle G. Mendoza
My Wishlist:

Lysa Mae said...

Name: Lysa Mae Delos Santos










Milton Coyne

My 10 Sulit Must Haves
1. Polymer Clay Starter Kit - Link:
2.Easy Mold Silicone Putty - Link:
3.Polymer Clay Workshop- Link:
4.6 in 1 Heat Press Machine- Link:
5.Printer (CISS Ready) - Link :
6.Laptop - Link :
7. Camera - Link :
8. One Piece Action Figure - Link :
9.Play Station 3 - Link :
10. Hunger Games Books- Link :

here's my entry by the way ^_^

Armen Legaspi

1. washing machine :,Position,1-7,7
2. juicer :,Position,1-7,7
3. marinator :,Other+Ads,5
4. sunnex casserole :,Position,1-4,4
5. gas range :,Position,1-1,1
6. microwave :,Position,1-10,10
7. knife set :,Position,2-6,26
8. waffle maker :,Position,1-9,9
9. study table :,Position,1-4,4
10. portable pool :,Position,1-6,6

Mityang said...

Lizamay Gaes Mangaoang

1. Ipod-,Position,1-2,2
2. Digicam-,Position,1-6,6
3. Tablet-,Position,1-2,2
4. Honda Jazz-!!+No+Hidden+charges!?referralKeywords=honda+jazz&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-15,15
5. LED Tv-,Position,1-1,1
6. Iphone5-!+for+34%2C000+ONLY?referralKeywords=iphone5&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-5,5
7. Laptop-,Position,2-6,26
8. Netbook-,Position,1-2,2
9. Inverter ref-,Position,1-15,15
10. Aircon-,Position,1-2,2

Alma said...

Alma Binoy

1. Digicam-
2. Ipod-
3. Tablet-
4. Dining set-
5. LED TV-
6. Ref-
7. Air cooler-
8. Netbook-
9. Magic Sing-
10. Blackberry-

Jay-r said...

1. KD V shoes -
2. nike bagpack - Xperia -
3. xbox 360 -
4. hoodie -
5. Sony Xperia -
6. lancer evo -
7. pen tablet -
8. 1 terabyte external hard drive -
9. itouch5 -
10. coffe maker -

Hi! your name and FB profile link (or Twitter ID) po?

Lorna Francisco said...

Lorna Francisco

1. laptop-!!!?referralKeywords=acer+laptop&event=Search+Ranking,Position,2-7,27
2. psp-,Position,1-2,2
3. aircon-,Position,1-5,5
4. freezer-,Position,1-2,2
5. lcd tv-!!!?referralKeywords=lcd+tv&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-2,2
6. water dispencer-,Position,1-3,3
7. washing machine-,Position,1-2,2
8. car-,Position,1-5,5
9. component-,Position,1-4,4
10. cooking set-,Position,1-5,5

Tintin said...

Kristina Dungaran

1. Tablet -
2. Led TV -
3. REf -
4. Bed -
5. Gym Equipment -
6. Mountain bike -
7. Scooter -
8. Aircon -
9. Orocan Cabinet -
10. Jetski -

Jay-r said...

Jayar Bejosa

1. KD V shoes -
2. nike bagpack -
3. xbox 360 -
4. hoodie -
5. Sony Xperia -
6. lancer evo -
7. pen tablet -
8. 1 terabyte external hard drive -
9. itouch5 -
10. coffe maker -

This is nice Cinta! I hope we win!

Full name: Manuel Sergio
FB prof:

1. Lenovo ThinkPad
2. Canon dslr
3. CCTV camera
4.Samsung Galaxy note II
6. HD videocam
7. Montero Sport
8. Chevy RV
9. LED SmartTV 3D
10. Magic Sing

God bless to all!! Haribol!

zie cordero said...

Christian Cordero
Facebook -

1. Honda hatchback 95 -
2. Waterproof Olympus -
3. Galaxy Note II -
4. BOSE subwoof/sound system -
5. Combat Boots -
6. Desktop Computer -
7. Throwing Knives -
8. Karate Uniform -
9. Bow and Arrow -
10. camouflage -

Daniel Dumaguit
Facebook URL:
My 10 sulit must-haves:

1.Basketball shoes-,Position,1-14,14
3. Dry fit tshirt-,Position,1-18,18
4. GShock watch-,Position,1-1,1
5. iPhone 5-,Position,1-14,14
6. Otterbox for iPhone-,Position,1-1,1
7. Galaxy Tab-,Position,1-1,1
8. Running shorts-,Position,1-3,3
9. Oakley sunglasses-,Position,1-1,1
10. SUV-!+%28full-specs%29?referralKeywords=chevrolet&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-1,1

Cathy said...

Catherine Francisco

1. Motor -
2. Sony Vaio laptop -
3. Psp -
4. Iphone 4 -
5. Honda Fit -
6. Ref -
7. Pioneer Home Theater -
8. House & Lot -
9. Aircon -
10. Ipad4 -

Name: Randy Dejaresco

top 10
1. Yamaha Sniper -
2. Samsung Led TV -
3. Iphone5 -
4. Ferrari tshirt -
5. Yamaha FZ16 -
6. Sony Experia -
7. Tablet mini -
8. Ipod4 - htttp://
9. Samsung Note -
10. Ipod5 -

Charlie said...

Charlie Francisco

My sulit 10

1. Siberian husky -
2. Audi -
3. Apple Macbook -
4. I pad -
5. Condo Unit -
6. Nikon dslr -
7. Core I7 pc -
8. Ducati Monster -
9. X-box -
10. Iphone 5 -

slamthestack said...



1. Chevrolet Spark,Position,1-9,9
2. House & Lot,Position,1-4,4
3. Macbook Pro,Position,1-2,2
4.LED TV,Position,1-14,14
5. Christian Louboutin,Position,1-1,1
6. coffee maker,Position,1-5,5
7. Home theatre,Position,1-5,5
8. Hermes,Position,4-9,69
9. Rolex watch,Position,1-12,12
10. Spa service,Position,1-14,14

Tin Ruiz said...

Kristine Ruiz

1) condo -
2) house&lot -
3) Mirage -
4) TV -
5) iPhone 5 -
6) ballet flat shoes -
7) LCD monitor -
8) DSLR -
9) car seat cover -
10) Disney princess dolls -

Christine Joyce Petate

My 10 SULIT Must-Haves for 2013! :)

1. Cookoo Watch,Browsing+History,Browsing+History

2. Western Digital My Passport 2TB Portable Drive,Position,1-8,8

3. Sony 32" LED TV,Position,1-8,8

4. AudioEngine 2 Speakers,Position,1-1,1

5. Transparent Shoe Boxes,Position,1-1,1

6. Rubber Floor Mats,Position,1-7,7

7. Single Sofa Chair,Position,1-3,3

8. Sector 5 iPhone Element Case,Position,1-5,5

9. Kotobukiya Iron Man Statue,Position,4-19,79

10. Philips LED Lamp,Position,1-1,1

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joy Merced said...

Lovely Joy Merced

My top 10 Sulit must Haves

1. Foodcart franchise -

2. iPad 3 -

3. Wrist Watch -

4. L300 cargo van -

5. Fila shoes -

6. Treadmill -

7. Portable Charger -

8. Compact camera -

9. TV -

10. Disneyland getaway =

Allan said...

Allan Domencil
My sulit must haves
Nikon d3100 (,Position,1-1,1)
Hook set (,Position,1-3,3)
Crochet kit (,Position,1-11,11)
Macro Lens (,Position,1-2,2)
Turbo Broiler (,Position,1-8,8)
Washing Machine (,Position,1-5,5)
Oven (,Position,1-4,4)
Sofa Set 9,Position,1-2,2)
Dining set (,Position,1-3,3)
Stainless cookware set (,Position,1-10,10)

Roger said...

Rogelio Bustamante

1. 5 string bass guitar -,Position,1-6,6

2. Bass amp -,Position,1-1,1

3. Drumset -,Position,1-7,7

4. Zoom bass pedal -,Position,1-1,1

5. Psp -,Position,1-10,10

6. Sony bluetooth headset -,Position,1-7,7

7. Fender cable -,Position,1-2,2

8. Magic sing -,Position,1-1,1

9. Gig bag -,Position,1-1,1

10. Guitar tuner -,Position,1-2,2

Jhari said...

This is too much to ask hahaha! I was looking for some Feng shui products here in the UAE, but I guess there is not too much sellers for Chinese thingy here. Good luck on the contest.

Anonymous said...

Rolando Bumagat

My top 10 sulit must haves. (These are gon'ta be real buys, not for showing off purposes. That sad, they are not as ridiculously expensive as them so-called dream buys. almost 100% of these are going to be bought by me in the near future, coz I've been saving for them and sulit-searching them for a week.)

1. Provari V2:,Position,1-1,1


2.) ERA V1.5 by Budzworx:,Position,1-1,1


3.) Halo E-Juice:,Position,1-1,1


4.) Stainless Steel Mesh:,Position,1-1,1


5.) Kanthal and Silica Wick:,Position,1-2,2


6.) AMD Trinity A10 5800K


7.) Panasonic IMR 18650 Baterry:,Position,1-13,13


8.) Otterbox Commuter for Note II:,Position,2-10,30


9.) 32GB Class 10 SanDisk MicroSD:,Position,1-2,2


10.) Vegetable Glycerine / Propylene Glycol / Gourmet Flavor Concentrates:,Position,1-3,3


Eric Ventilacion said...

Eric Ventilacion

1.Survival Paracord bracelet

2.suunto watch

3.RayBan Aviator

4.Survival Kit

5.Personal Alarm

6.Ford Raptor

7.Merrell Shoes

8.Champion Cap

9.Telescopic Digital Camera


Haribol to all!

Hello, guys! To those who have submitted incomplete entries, ie, not name of the item, you can delete your previous post and submit it again with the item and the link. Thank you very much for joining!

Hi, Met! some of your links doesnt have a valid link :) Please submit again thank you!

I don't think I can look for 10 things in Sulit... not that it is not there, but my mind is not thinking of buying anything at the moment...NO SHOPPING MODE! However, I really like the Transcend Shockproof External Drive!

Name: Ricardo Salvador

1. Bass Guitar -,Position,1-1,1

2. Electric Guitar -,Position,1-14,14

3. Piano -,Position,1-5,5

4. Yacht -,Position,1-1,1

5. Condo Unit -,Position,1-3,3

6. iphone5 32GB -,Position,1-5,5

7. PSP 3000 -,Position,1-2,2

8. Laptop -,Position,1-1,1

9. Beats by Dr.Dre -,Position,1-2,2

10. Mitsubishi Lanser -,Position,1-4,4

Name: Aime Krieste Inopia
fb url;

wishlists ko po, hope i win sulit :)

1. iphone 4s android -,Position,1-2,2

2. Jansport Bagpack -,Position,1-1,1

3. adidas shoes -,Position,1-17,17

4. Timex Ironman Watch -,Position,1-3,3

5. Canon sx240 -,Position,1-8,8

6. Contact Lense (Anime) -,Position,1-17,17

7. House and Lot in Taguig -,Position,1-8,8

8. Supra Shoes -,Position,1-3,3

9. Samsung Galaxy S3 -,Position,1-6,6

10. ipod Touch -,Position,1-9,9

goodluck to us! :)

dada mamaril said...

dha dha mamaril

1. DC shoes USA backpack,Position,1-10,10#imageGallery

2. DC shoes UNION,Position,2-7,27#imageGallery

3. DC shoes Ryan Smith 1.5,Position,2-18,38

4. iPOD touch,Position,2-20,40

5. Ipod Shuffle 4th Gen,Position,1-20,20

6. Acer Aspire One,Position,1-8,8

7. Electric Guitar Made in Japan by Ishibashi,Position,1-11,11

8. rayban shades,Position,1-5,5

9. BMX BIKE hoffman,Position,1-5,5

10. Original Northface Bags,Position,1-20,20

Ruby Mae said...

Name: Ruby Mae T. Sargento
fb URL:

10 wishlists ko po

1. Apple Macbook Pro Retina -,Position,1-4,4

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -,Position,1-1,1

3. HP Computer -,Position,1-5,5

4. Toyota Car -,Position,1-1,1

5. Electronic Cigarette -,Position,1-2,2

6. Acoustic Guitar -,Position,1-7,7

7. Nikon D3100 Kit -,Position,1-6,6

8. Sandugo Slippers -,Position,1-1,1

9. Necklaces -,Position,1-5,5

10. Gowns -,Position,1-13,13

thanks sulit! hope i win! goodluck to us guys

Here are my list as well:
Michelle Doctor!/met.longalongdoctor

1.) Samsung Galaxy S2 - or this one since it's a steal. It's only 6,500.,Position,1-19,19

2.) Logico for my Casey

3.) LCD TV RACK,Position,1-8,8

4.) Portable DVD,Position,1-1,1

5.) hobo bag,Position,1-10,10

6.) Wii,Position,1-1,1

7.) Organizer for Casey - for her toys,Position,1-1,1

8.) Dresser cabinet -,Position,1-4,4

9.) Food Processor,Position,1-1,1

10.) Knife set -,Position,1-2,2

Robi said...

Robina Santos

here's my 10 sulit items

1.) casual ballet shoes -
2.) animal print Guess watch -
3.) Jessica Simpson bag -
4.) Galaxy Note II -
5.) Sony Vaio -
6.) white iPad mini -
7.) contact lenses -
8.) hello kitty kabuki brush -
9.) wedges -
10.) earphones -


Kristine Chaitanya Francisco

1) IPAD 2,Position,1-5,5

2) MACBOOK PRO 15",Position,1-7,7

3) NOTE II,Position,1-1,1

4) XBOX 360 W/ KINECT,Position,1-3,3

5) SWAROVSKI USB :)),Position,1-12,12

6) DOMO KUN EARPHONES!!,Position,1-19,19


8) ED HARDY SNEAKER,Position,1-5,5

9) AK LADIES WATCH,Position,1-1,1

10) SB PLANNER,Position,1-18,18

Fritz Balaram said...

Fritz Balaram Uy

1. secondhand xbox with Kinect
2. iPhone5
3. PSP Vita
4. Alienware M17X
5. Beats Solo by Dr Dre
7. Ibanez Prestige
8. Behringer guitar effects
9. Lebron Zoom 6
10. Oakley shades

CHESTER said...

Mark Chester Cleofas
FB account -

1. Honda Jazz,Position,1-1,1
2. Macbook pro,Position,1-6,6
3. iPhone 5 (though I already have an iPhone 4 :D),Position,1-2,2
4. external hard drive transcend,Position,1-2,2
5. Rayban,Position,1-2,2
6. Two-door ref,Position,1-1,1
7. Whirlpool microwave,Position,2-2,22
8. LED Tv,Position,1-1,1
9. iPad mini,Position,1-6,6
10. LG home theatre,Position,1-5,5

Arra Odeza said...

Name: Arra C. Odeza
TWITTER NAME: @acodeza

My 10 Sulit Must Haves:
1.Baby Crib Princess Complete -(

2.iPad mini Wi Fi 16GB -(

3.Huawei E586 Pocket WiFi / MiFi 4G HSPA+ 21Mbps (Open-line) -(

4.ASUS Zenbook UX31E RRG5 i5 Rose Gold Pink Laptop Ultrabook -( LCD tv 42cv600e -(

6.Playpen play yard kids land for sale PASTEL COLOR -(

7.Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 Brand New -(

8.Brother Home Use Sewing Machine For Sale & Sewing Classes... -(

9.Baby Walker Irdy Sale -(

10.Buko Madness Buko Franchise Buko Madness Foodcart 925.7080 -(

*More Power! im hoping to win so i could buy my baby's stuffs :)

Robertson Balingit

1.Yamaha motorcycle pgo gmax 200cc,Position,1-1,1

2. House and lot,Position,1-1,1

3. Aircon,Position,1-2,2

4. Buko Foodcart Biz,Position,1-1,1

5. Master Sioma Franchise,Position,1-1,1

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7,Position,1-10,10

7. PS3,Position,1-10,10

8. Sony flat LED tv,Position,1-1,1

9. Nissan terrano V6,Position,1-8,8

10. Barbie Power Wheels for my kid Angelo(she's a girl hehe),Position,1-1,1

Marie Larano said...

Ma. Victoria Larano
Facebook URL:

Hello Kitty blanket -,Position,1-12,12

Hello Kitty wall lamp -,Position,1-5,5

Teeth Braces -,Position,1-1,1

Prada High Heels -,Position,1-2,2

Philip Stein -,Position,1-8,8

Nine West Bag -,Position,1-1,1

Nine West Wallet -,Position,1-7,7

Oaks Residences in Cainta -,Position,1-3,3

Hermes Bag -,Position,1-7,7

Anne Klein Charm Watch -,Position,1-6,6

John Lester Ponting

1. My car's body kit, MIRAGE body kits available in oem , version 1, 2, and 3,Position,1-1,1

2. 2012 mitsubishi mirage door handle cover chrome inner and outer,Position,1-14,14

3. Original xbox 360 games [NTSC] / [NTSC-J] [Open Region],Position,1-6,6

4. NIKE RUNNING Shoes for men ORIG-(2k only) size 9,Position,1-1,1

5. Perfumes,Position,1-1,1

6. AUTHENTIC GUESS Jeans for Men,Position,1-16,16

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 (White/Gray) N7105(LTE P27,200white,Position,1-1,1

8. Sportech Car Cover,Position,1-3,3

9. Emporio Armani Men s AR5919 Sport White Dial Watch,Position,1-2,2

10. Men S Watch Unisilver Kw759 2002 Save 41-45%,Position,1-17,17

Thanks for joining, JL! Talagang ung Mirage accessories pa talaga ah hehe! Good luck!

JP said...

Jezreel Paul Francisco

1.iPad 3,Position,1-20,20
2,iPhone 5,Position,1-2,2
3.,PSP Vita wifi,Position,1-3,3
4,Basketball shoes LeBron Zoom Soldier 6,Position,2-19,39

5.Monster Beats Solo,Position,1-12,12
6. Canon DSLR,Position,1-1,1
8.Kenneth Cole watch,Position,3-7,47

10.North Face back pack,Position,1-9,9

Merla Dalut said...

Merla Durana Dalut

My top ten sulit must haves!

1. Blender -
2. Washing machine -
3. T.V -
4. Ref -
5. Oven toaster -
6. Microwave -
7. Iphone -
8. Laptop -
9. Aircon -
10. Crib -

Hi, sis! Please resubmit your entry with complete links from sulit. Your links are incomplete po thank you!

Victoria said...

Ma. Victoria Santos

1. Samsung Galaxy SIII -
2. eyelash curler -
3. ceramic hair iron -
4. Xoxo bag from here> -
5. Nine West wallet -
6. hair curler -
7. cocktail ring -
8. Korean style Party Dress -
9. Bath&Body Works lotion -
10. cute messnger bag -

maritess tan said...

my top 10 sulit must have..!weeeeeeeee!!!

1. ipad 4-
2. mcbook-
3. iphone 5-
4. nikon dslr-
5. coach bag-
6. ipod touch 5th gen -
7. samsung galaxy note II-
8. samsung s3-
9. asus laptop core i7-
10. guess watch-

Hi! Please resubmit your entry with your name and facebook profile URL visible in the comment box. Thank you!

Iris Sabordo said...

Iris Sabordo
Twitter @laidershalf

1) iPad Mini,Position,1-3,3
2) La Germania oven,Position,1-4,4
3) Galaxy Note II,Position,1-1,1
4) Baking pans Pyrex,Position,1-1,1
5) cast iron pan,Position,1-7,7
6) 1 terabyte hard drive,Position,1-5,5
7) media player,Position,1-3,3
8) soundbar!?referralKeywords=soundbar&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-8,8
9) Honda Jazz!++plus+freebies?referralKeywords=honda+jazz&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-1,1
10) one-bedroom condo,Position,1-1,1

Anonymous said...

Full Name: Jenny Luz Pacheco
FB account:

1. Authentic Earphone Dock Cap Accessory/plugy -
2.Flexible Roll Up Keyboard Piano -
3.Second Hand Books & Novels -
4. Transcend StoreJet 25M3 25H3P Shockproof External Hard Drive -
6. Doreamon Swarovski iphone 4 & 4S case -
7. Daddy Long Legs -
8. Doraemon Bedsheet+Comforter - Http://
9.Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for Iphone 4s -
10.Twelve South Book Book Leather Case for Iphone 4 -

Fea said...

name: fea padnamul

1. Samsung S3 -
2. Samsung galaxy note -
3. Victoria Secret perfume -
4. Lacoste bag -
5. Life size teddy bear -
6. Fossil watch -
7. Asus netbook -
8. Videocam -
9. Coffee maker -
10. Mac make up kit -

Anonymous said...

Jim Mataac

Here are my top ten sulit must-haves/wish list for the new year, Year of the Water Snake!

1. Affordable bluetooth headset, perfect for my Note!,Position,2-12,12

2. An iPad Mini. I'm on Android now but I still love iOs.,Position,2-2,22

3. A tennis racket. Time to pick up a new hobby!,Position,1-3,3

4. Swimming Lessons, it's the year of the water snake, you know!,Position,1-2,2

5. Paco Rabanne, I read that this scent embodies the modern man. I want to try this.,Position,1-2,2

6. MS Surface. I plan to upgrade my laptop and try Win 8 and this much-hyped tablet as well, if only I had the moolah!,Position,1-1,1

7. Windbreaker. A cheap but high-qaulity windbreaker for my midnight runs/jogs.,Position,1-5,5

8. A running shoes, of course. I'm not your rich kid type but I won't think twice on spending my hard-earned cash on things that will last long.,Position,1-1,1

9. A Nike hoody to give that added cool look.,Position,1-6,6

10. A rare Seiko Diver's watch. If I had cash readily available, I'd buy this baby in a heartbeat.,Position,1-9,9

Fullname: Pamela D. Acabado
TWITTER: @Barbiepham
1. Feng shui bracelets -,Position,1-1,1
2. Samsung Note II -,Position,1-3,3
3. Pomeranian Puppy -,Position,1-9,9
4. Acer Laptop -,Position,1-15,15#adDetailsPM
5. HDD Transcend 1TB Shockproof External Hard Drive -,Position,1-1,1
6. LG LED 3D -,Position,1-1,1
7. Swim wear pink -,Position,1-3,3
8. Bower Camera Bag -,Position,1-1,1
9. Xbox 360 -,Position,1-2,2
10. Louis Vitton Bag -,Position,1-6,6

Thank you for joining, Pam! Good luck!

Clara said...

Clara Mae Mediana

SULIT must-haves:

havainas -,Position,1-4,4

Roberto cavalli shades -,Position,1-1,1

Acqua Di Gio by Armani for women -,Position,1-2,2

Michael Kors leather iphone case -,Position,2-8,28

iphone dock -*Bnew-Authentic*?referralKeywords=iphone+dock&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-11,11

michael kors bag -,Position,1-1,1

Nintendo DS -,Position,1-3,3

earphones -,Position,1-10,10

charm bracelet -,Position,1-16,16

Luap Lee said...

Paul Reyes

1. Iphone 5 -,Position,1-1,1
2. G-Shock -,Position,1-3,3
3. Nike shoes -|+Size+US+9?referralKeywords=nike+rubber+shoes&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-4,4
4. Smart watch -,Position,1-1,1
5. Smart TV -,Position,1-1,1
6. Ipod shuffle -,Position,1-1,1
7. Sony Experia -,Position,1-4,4
8. Aircon -,Position,1-7,7
9. Ipad -,Position,1-8,8
10. Honda Jazz -,Position,1-2,2

Ferdz balingit said...

Ferdinand Balingit

1. Honda VTR1000,Position,1-3,3
2. secondhand refrigerator,Position,1-3,3
3. Vintage car,Position,1-6,6
4. Samsung TV,Position,1-2,2
5. Galaxy Tab P1000,Position,1-1,1
6. food cart buisiness,Position,1-2,2
7. PS3,Position,1-16,16
8. washing machine,Position,1-1,1
9. tower fan,Position,1-4,4
10. computer table,Position,1-9,9

Trick said...

Patrick Reyes

Ito ang gusto ko!

1. BMW Car -,Position,1-1,1
2. Iphone5 -,Position,1-3,3
3. Asus i7 -,Position,1-1,1
4. Nike shoes KD -,Position,1-4,4
5. Acoustic guitar -!!!?referralKeywords=guitar&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-10,10
6. Keyboard -,Position,1-5,5
7. Drumset -,Position,1-4,4
8. Wedding ring -,Position,1-1,1
9. Trip to Disneyland Hong Kong -!+~+HONG+KONG?referralKeywords=Trip+to+hongkong&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-1,1
10. Chevrolet Camaro -,Position,1-1,1

Anonymous said...

Maureen S. Francisco

Sulit top 10 for 2013

1.) Room airconditioner,Position,1-2,2

2.) Washing Machine:,Position,1-10,10

3.) Dining Table:,Position,1-2,2

4.) Treadmill:,Position,1-1,1

5.) HP Ultrabook:,Position,1-3,3

6.) Yamaha Keyboard:,Position,1-2,2

7.) WOW magic Sing:,Position,1-10,10

8.) Shure Wireless Microphones:,Position,1-16,16

9.) Marshall Amp:,Position,1-6,6

10.) Iphone 4S Vapor Pro case:,Position,1-14,14

JillT said...

Jennifer Jill Pica Tan

10 SULIT items:

1. SIII -!!!%29?referralKeywords=galaxy+SIII&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

2. Blackberry Playbook -,Position,1-6,6

3. Dell Desktop -,Position,2-1,21

4. Family Van -,Position,2-9,29

5. House and Lot -,Position,1-1,1

6. Condo in Eastwood -,Position,1-11,11

7. Pet Pug -,Position,1-1,1

8. LED TV -,Position,1-1,1

9. Home Theatre -,Position,1-9,9

10. Split-Type Aircon -,Position,1-1,1

Rhoda Vasquez said...

Rhoda M. Vasquez

Facebook URL:

1. Samsung Note 2 With Samsung Warranty -,Position,2-3,23

2. Authentic Saucony Running Shoes Fresh From States Php2800 Only –,Position,1-1,1

3. Imported Brand Name Stocklot Wholesale For Men & Women & Kids –,Position,1-2,2

4. FROM PHOTO to CAKE!!! Edible Photo Printing-,Position,1-4,4

5. Egg Incubator 150 Capacity –,Position,1-5,5

6. Dolce Gabbana Light Blue for Women EDT 100ml,Position,3-10,50

7. Little Tikes Swimming Pool for Kids –,Position,1-12,12

8. Michael Kors "blair" Acrylic Watch (safari/silver) –,Position,1-13,13

9. Nine West Maroon bag –,Position,1-4,4

10. BRAND NEW CHEAP CANON 550D WARRANTY 18-55mm & freebies!,Position,1-1,1

Anonymous said...

Saiya Fujimoto

1.) Google Nexus 7:,Position,1-7,7
2.) Coach Shoulderbag:,Position,1-2,2
3.) Vibram running shoes:,Position,1-3,3
4.) Bvulgari Omnia Green Jade:,Position,1-4,4
5.)iPhone 5:,Position,1-1,1
6.) Violin:,Position,1-2,2
7.) Pioneer HDJ2000:,Position,1-1,1
8.) Nikon D7000:,Position,1-7,7
9.) Phoenix Gold Car Amp:,Position,1-3,3
10.) Mountain Bike:,Position,1-11,11

Maritess Palabrica Tan

my top 10 sulit..!weeeeeeeee!!!

1. ipad 4-
2. mcbook-
3. iphone 5-
4. nikon dslr-
5. coach bag-
6. ipod touch 5th gen -
7. samsung galaxy note II-
8. samsung s3-
9. asus laptop core i7-
10. guess watch-

Lanna Krizcia T. Castro

My Sulit Must Haves:

1. Apple iPad 4,Position,1-5,5

2. Hyundai EON,Position,1-2,2

3. Samsung Galaxy Note II,Position,3-3,43

4. HTC One X,Position,4-16,76

5. Nokia Lumia 920,Position,1-8,8

6. BlackBerry Z10,Position,1-1,1

7. Sony Tablet S,Position,1-6,6

8. Starmobile Flirt,Position,1-1,1

9. Nokia PureView 808,Position,1-2,2

10. Apple iPhone 5,Position,1-10,10

Full name Christan Trinidad (Tantan Trinidad).




1. iPad mini,Position,1-2,2

2. iPod speaker dock,Position,1-13,13

3. iPhone 4S external battery pack,Position,1-8,8

4. Zara bag,Position,1-1,1

5. Badminton racket,Position,1-18,18

6. Lomo camera,Position,1-15,15

7. Dr Dre Beats headset,Position,1-4,4

8. GoPro Camera,Position,1-5,5

9. A Skagen watch,Position,1-5,5

10. A Charriol bracelet,Position,1-2,2

April Mangaoang said...

April Mangaoang

1. Coach Bag -
2. Coach wallet to go with my bag -
3. white rimmed sunglasses -
4. derma roller -
5. Benefit travel cosmetics -
6. Coach ladies watch -
7. Canon S100 -
8. coffee tubler from CoffeeBean -
9. CoffeeBean Tea & Leaf journal -
10. CBTL coffee maker -

Merrielee Garcia

1. Chevrolet Spark -,Position,1-1,1
2. LG TV -,Position,1-1,1
3. Cross ballpen -,Position,1-9,9
4. sala set -,Position,1-2,2
5. wardrobe closet -,Position,1-7,7
6. chandelier -,Position,2-5,25
7. carpet -,Position,2-9,29
8. native dining set -,Position,1-4,4
9. Bed Frame -,Position,1-1,1
10. modern wall clock -,Position,1-2,2

Erlinda C. Dela Cruz

my top 10 sulit! yey!

1. ipad mini-
2. samsung s3 mini-
3. channel bag-
4. iphone 5-
5. lv bag-
6. ipod touch 5th gen-
7. xbox 360 with kinect-
8. coach bag-
9. sony viao laptop-
10. psp vita-

Anonymous said...

Name: Ryan John Mediana

1. Vans shoes -,Position,1-1,1

2.Ipod Touch -,Position,1-7,7

3. ipod shuffle -,Position,1-8,8

4. Samsung Galaxy Y -,Position,1-1,1

5. Element Skateboard -,Position,1-1,1

6. Suzuki Intruder Big Bike -,Position,1-13,13

7. Honda Civic 2013 -,Position,1-1,1

8. Rolex -,Position,1-7,7

9. Sony Experia -,Position,1-2,2

10. House and Lot -,Position,1-5,5

thanks! :)

Onaiplu said...

Great list!

Here are my Top 10 Sulit must haves:

1. Samsung S III,Position,1-3,3

2. Google Nexus 7!!?referralKeywords=nexus&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-1,1

3. iPad Mini!!!%29+ON+HAND+STOCK?referralKeywords=iPad+mini&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

4. Nikon D5100!+1Year+STORE+Warranty%2C6-month+PARTS+Warranty?referralKeywords=nikon+d5100&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-3,3

5. Samsung 40" LED Internet TV,Position,1-1,1

6. Treadmill!?referralKeywords=treadmill&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

7. Rayban Shades,Position,1-1,1

8. Monster Beats Studio Pro!!?referralKeywords=beats&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

9. iPhone 5,Position,1-13,13

10. Macbook Pro 15",Position,1-2,2

Name: Ulpiano Edubos II
Sulit Username:

name - carol sta.ana
url -

my 10 wishlists

1. Sala Set -,Position,1-2,2

2. bedroom set -,Position,1-2,2

3. Condo Unit -,Position,1-9,9

4. Pick up Truck -,Position,1-1,1

5. LG washing machine -,Position,1-2,2

6. Aircon -,Position,1-2,2

7. LG Refrigerator -,Position,1-3,3

8. LG 32" TV -,Position,1-2,2

9. Netbook -,Position,1-9,9

10. iphone 4 -,Position,1-1,1

Onaiplu said...

Great list!

Here are my Top 10 Sulit must haves:

1. Samsung S III,Position,1-3,3

2. Google Nexus 7!!?referralKeywords=nexus&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-1,1

3. iPad Mini!!!%29+ON+HAND+STOCK?referralKeywords=iPad+mini&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

4. Nikon D5100!+1Year+STORE+Warranty%2C6-month+PARTS+Warranty?referralKeywords=nikon+d5100&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-3,3

5. Samsung 40" LED Internet TV,Position,1-1,1

6. Treadmill!?referralKeywords=treadmill&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

7. Rayban Shades,Position,1-1,1

8. Monster Beats Studio Pro!!?referralKeywords=beats&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-2,2

9. iPhone 5,Position,1-13,13

10. Macbook Pro 15",Position,1-2,2

Name: Ulpiano Edubos II
Sulit Username:

Alvin Conde said...

Name- Alvin Conde


1. iphone5 -,Position,1-1,1

2. Samsung S3 -,Position,1-2,2

3, Toshiba -,Position,1-1,1

4. Canon -,Position,1-1,1

5. Nike -,Position,1-4,4

6. Levis -,Position,1-1,1

7. dre.dre earphone -,Position,1-6,6

8. Volkswagen -,Position,1-1,1

9. Mitsubishi Lanser -,Position,1-2,2

10. House and Lot -,Position,1-3,3

Rhea Gabriel said...

Rhea Bernadette Gabriel

1. Canon D60 -,Position,1-1,1

2. Macbook air 13" -,Position,1-3,3

3. Sony Bravia LED TV -,Position,1-1,1

4. Iphone 5 -,Position,1-2,2

5. Fossil watch -,Position,1-7,7

6. Split-type airconditioner -,Position,1-1,1

7. Honda City -,Position,1-2,2

8. Hyundai Accent -,Position,1-2,2

9. Mazda 3 -,Position,1-3,3

10. Condo unit with 2 bedrooms -,Position,1-1,1

maryjadeanne said...

Maryjade Anne Manzanero
My 10 Sulit Must-Haves
7. 32" LED TV-

TWITTER ID: @misslitratista

6. CANON 50mm LENS f/1.8 -
7. CANON 18-200mm LENS

Maricel Y. Estrella

10 sulit items

1.For rent vacation rental -,Position,1-2,2
2. iPhone 5 -,Position,1-4,4
3. Louis vuitton -,Position,1-2,2
4. Tory Burch flats -,Position,1-2,2
5. Dell Inspiron -,Position,1-4,4
6. SONY TV -,Position,1-2,2
7. food cart 3-in-1 -,Position,3-20,60
8. car rental -,Position,1-7,7
9. Ilocos-Vigan_Laoag tours -,Position,1-1,1
10. Makati condo -,Position,1-1,1

Thank you for joing, Tan! Good luck!

Today's the Last day of joining this Sulit and Nuffnang contest, guys! Spread the word! Tell your friends how to enter :)

jellybelly said...

Somebody gave me a bag organizer last Christmas which I absolutely love. I wonder how I got by without it before. I love the red bracelet too although for this year I think the color is green?

Maila Jean Sanvictores

Hi Ate!  Saw your post on facebook and here’s my ‘WISHLIST’ :P

1. MAC Eyeshadow palette,Position,1-4,4

2. Makeup Train Case,Position,1-2,2

3. Mac Lipstick Wholesale,Position,1-10,10
4. Mac Makeup Brush,Position,1-2,2

5. Nikon D5000 18 55mm VR II,Position,1-9,9

6. 140 Ebooks Of Architecture Ebook Collection,Position,1-1,1

7. LF Itouch 5th Gen 32GB 10K,Position,1-5,5
8. Cherry Mobile Flare,Position,1-3,3

9. Toshiba Satellite L600 L630 L640 L640d L645 L645d Keyboard,Position,1-3,3
10. Spica Gyre Cooling Pad Imported,Position,1-1,1

(Most items on my top list are makeup stuffs which I often search in sulit since Im looking for affordable makeup products which I can use in my Makeup Service ‘raket’ :p I included this architecture e-book collection for my school references. Glad Hare told me about this. )

reese said...

oh, i forgot my list
goodluck, ms chan

aida said...


TOP 10 Sulit Must Haves

1. IPAD Mini

2. Samsung Galaxy Note II

3. IPOD Touch 5th Gen

4. Nikon DSLR

5. HMDX Audio HX P230PU JAM Universal Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

6. Macbook Pro

7. IPHONE 5 64GB

8. Automatic Washing Machine

9. Samsung LED Smart 3D TV!

10. GE Profile 30in. Free Standing Double Oven Range


1. IPHONE5 -,Position,1-2,2

2. DLSR Camrea -,Position,1-2,2

3. Galaxy Tab -,Position,1-3,3

4. Electric Guitar -,Position,1-5,5

5. Drum Set -,Position,1-3,3

6. Baby Stroller -,Position,1-10,10

7. LED TV -,Position,1-2,2

8. PSP -,Position,1-2,2

9. NetBook -,Position,1-2,2

10. Magic Sing -,Position,1-1,1

Yan Birog said...

Here's my list!

Yan Birog

1. Starbucks mug,Position,1-9,9

2. Scarf blazer,Position,1-3,3

3. Digital camera,Position,1-3,3

4. Laptop,Position,1-1,1

5. Running shoes,Position,1-2,2

6. Mini usb vacuum cleaner,Position,1-1,1

7. Punching bag,Position,1-10,10

8. Kipling backpack,Position,1-1,1

9. Electric piano,Position,1-1,1

10. Laptop bag,Position,1-9,9

good luck to those who join the contest..

Hi, guys! I checked your entries and found out there were doubles, so of course, I will have to delete them :D We still have tonight I guess! Ask your friends to join, too!

fe carmelita m. palabrica

my sulit list..

1. toyota innova-,Position,1-4,4
2. super grandia-,Position,1-1,1
3. yamaha mio-,Position,1-5,5
4. honda jazz-,Position,1-1,1
5. house and lot-,Position,1-5,5
6. samsung led tv-,Position,1-9,9
7. magic sing-,Position,1-1,1
8. aircon-,Position,1-1,1
9. refrigirator-,Position,1-7,7
10. microwave-,Position,1-1,1

tnx!god bless..

Rocel Ferrolino Arriola

My Sulit Must Haves!

1. table lamp -
2. Microwave Oven -
3. Aroma Electric Oil Burner -
4. chest drawer -
5. Bookcase Display Cabinet MSS04 -
6. DJ Laptop Stand with Clamp and Tray -
7. Sunburst Wall Mirror -
8. Buddha Head -
9. Sleek Lean-in Study/Computer Table -
10. Solo Console Table -

Pick me!!!!!!!!

Marvin Joe said...

name : Marvin Joe Andrade
fb url :

1. Galaxy Note -,Position,1-8,8

2. iphone5 -,Position,1-2,2

3. raider 150 -,Position,1-8,8

4. Chevrolet Hatchback -,Position,1-1,1

5. E Cigarette -,Position,1-1,1

6. Gaming Laptop -,Position,1-2,2

7. samsung galaxy s3 -,Position,1-7,7

8. Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 -,Position,1-1,1

9. Honda civic -,Position,1-2,2

10. Apple ipad 3 -,Position,1-2,2


Nice mukup list! Thanks for joining, MJ! Goodluck!


Gian Pacaña said...

Gian Loyola Pacaña

Twitter Name: @kulotpoako

My Top 10 Sulit Must Haves:

1. Panasonic Lumix LX7 –,Position,1-3,3

2. Apple Ipod Touch 32gb 5th gen. (RED) –,Position,1-1,1

3. ASUS TF700 Transformer Pad –,Position,1-4,4

4. Oakley Frogskins Matte Black / Black Iridium (Polarized) –,Position,2-11,31

5. Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE (GRAY) –,Position,1-10,10

6. The North Face Tadpole 23 Bamboo Green –,Position,1-1,1

7. Sony Cybershot HX30v –,Position,1-1,1

8. Nikon Coolpix AW100 –,Position,1-9,9

9. LG LED 3D TV 32LM3410 w/ 8 3D Glasses FREE 8GB USB+HDMI Cable! –,Position,1-14,14

10. G-Shock Riseman GW9200-1D –,Position,3-2,42#imageGallery

Annabelle P. Pamisa


Twitter: @bellisang

My Top 10 Sulit Must Have:

1. Nikon Coolpix AW100 -,Position,1-3,3

2. Apple Macbook Pro 15” Retina Display MC976 -,Position,1-20,20

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE version -,Position,1-3,3

4. Xbox with Kinect -,Position,1-2,2

5. 32” Samsung LED TV -,Position,1-1,1

6. The North Face Tadpole 23 tent -,Position,1-1,1

7. Oakley Luggage Bag -,Position,1-1,1

8. Honda Scoopy scooter -,Position,1-1,1

9. Whirlpool Microwave Oven -,Position,1-5,5

10. Seagate GoFlex Portable Harddrive -,Position,1-1,1

Reihn said...

Ronnie Alarde

tian, etong 10 sulit things ko

1. A new phone for me- Xperia Arc

2. smartphone for my mom - maybe a HTC

3. new ref - Condura

4. Boracay package!

5. new but inexpensive desktop

6. ipad mini

7. NorthFace backpack

8.G-Shock watch

9. new digicam to replace my old one - Canon Powershot sx260

10. netbook - Gateway

Apple Hernandez
Twitter - @hot_duck

1. XBOX with kinect,Position,1-3,3

2. WOW Magic Sing,Position,1-18,18

3. Guess Perfume Pink,Position,1-3,3

4. Nine West Frequent Flyer Large Tote,Position,2-16,36

5. Belo Medical Group Gift Certificate,Position,1-1,1

6. Betsey Johnson watch,Position,1-2,2

7. Harajuku Lovers perfume collection,Position,1-2,2

8. CK IN2U FOR MEN (for hubby),Position,3-7,7

9. iPhone 5,Position,1-11,11

10. soundbar,Position,1-3,3

Thanks Chan, goodluck!

Twitter: @ydnictaurus

1. sofa set in Vanka -,Position,1-1,1

2. blender / multi chopper -,Position,1-15,15

3. center table -,Position,2-3,23

4. Coffee Maker -,Position,1-14,14

5. Electric Grill -,Position,1-2,2

6. La Germania Oven -,Position,1-4,4

7. Toyota Vios -,Position,1-3,3

8. HongKong-Macau Tour -,Position,1-4,4

9. D&G lightblue -,Position,1-2,2

10. DKNY Be Delicious -,Position,1-6,6

Dovi Amor Sabong
FB: Dovi Amor Cornillez Sabong
Twitter: @dovidovidoo

My Top 10 Sulit Must Haves:
(i think these will be perfect for a blogger like me! :)

1. Cherry Mobile Flair (affordable smartphone i've ever seen),Position,1-1,1

2. Apple Macbook,Position,1-6,6

3. Samsung Camera,Position,1-7,7

4. IPAD 2,Position,1-4,4

5. Fab Dress,Position,1-6,6

6. Corporate Attire,Position,1-1,1

7. Swimwear,Position,10-20,200

8. Stylish Shoes,Position,1-1,1

9. Running Shoes,Position,1-6,6

10. Pumps,Position,1-1,1

Houselements said...

Ryan Michael Lagunzad

1. Asus X401A Laptop -
2. Ps3 Slim -,Position,1-14,14
3. LG LED 3D TV -,Position,1-1,1
4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -,Position,1-17,17
5. External Hard Disk Seagate 1TB -
6. LG Bluray 3D Home Theater System -,Position,1-2,2
7. Huawei E586E -,Position,1-1,1
8. Sala Set -,Position,1-1,1
9. Union 18L Electric Oven -,Position,1-4,4
10. LG REFRIGERATOR -,Position,1-9,9

Hoping to win...Please pick me :)

Leslie said...

Goodluck to Y'all!=) great Bargains grabe!

Houselements said...

please visit din ung entry ko and comment din thanks and good luck!!

JanzCrystalz said...

I joined too...


My 10 Sulit Must Haves
1. SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 10.1 link

2. Brother Sewing Machine 1 link


4. CANON Macro Lens link

5. Educational Wooden Therapy Toys link

6. Craft Robo link

7. Kid’s Bedroom link

8. Modular Kitchen Cabinets link

9. Modern Dining Set link

10. Sofa Bed link

Catherine Micua Medina

10 Sulit must haves

camping lamp,Position,1-11,11

two-way radio,Position,1-7,7

camping tent,Position,1-18,18

camping outdoor stove,Position,1-14,14

camping spork/knife 3-in-1,Position,1-7,7

Caramoan package,Position,1-2,2

Deuter Futura 32l W/ Raincover Act Lite 65+10 Hiking Camping Bag,Position,1-1,1

camping lamp,Position,1-11,11

Camping/Beach/Mountaineering/Gears North face,Mountain hardwear,Position,3-19,59

Tag Heuer men's watch,Position,1-1,1

Bienvenido Medina III

Survival Paracord bracelet + whistle,Position,1-1,1

Thermos Hydration Stainless,Position,1-20,20

Led Head Light,Position,2-1,21

Kovea Camp 1 Exploration Stove,Position,3-6,46

Camping Cookset 2-3 person,Position,4-11,71

Camping Tent,Position,8-3,143

Camping Mat / Yoga Mat,Position,8-11,151

Travelus Handy Bag,Position,1-18,18

The North Face Breathable Bush Hat,Position,1-9,9

done! :) TY

Thank you, sis! I joined sayo din :)

Mary Apple G. Angel
10 sulits must haves:

1.SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 10.1 link
2.. Stylish Shoes,Position,1-1,1
3. 9. new digicam to replace my old one - Canon Powershot sx260
4.1. iphone 4s android -,Position,1-2,2
5.Tag Heuer men's watch,Position,1-1,1
6.9) AK LADIES WATCH,Position,1-1,1
7.. itouch5 -
8. House and Lot in Taguig -,Position,1-8,8
5. Fab Dress,Position,1-6,6
10.1. Chevrolet Spark -,Position,1-1,1

Mary Apple G. Angel
10 Sulits Must Haves :

. Asus X401A Laptop -

Samsung Camera,Position,1-7,7

. Fab Dress,Position,1-6,6

iPhone 5,Position,1-11,11

. Digital camera,Position,1-3,3

Apple Macbook,Position,1-6,6

. CK IN2U FOR MEN (for hubby),Position,3-7,7


. Guess Perfume Pink,Position,1-3,3

. iphone 4s android -,Position,1-2,2

Raziel San Miguel Dimailig said...

Raziel San Miguel Dimailig

1)iPad2 -,Position,1-20,20

2)Samsung Galaxy SIII-,Position,1-2,2

3)PS3jb -,Position,1-4,4

4)bladeless fan -,Position,1-2,2

5)wardrobe closet -,Position,1-18,18

6)ceiling fan -,Position,1-4,4

7)night light -,Position,1-5,5

8)dance pad -!+brand+new?referralKeywords=dance+pad&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-6,6

9)canon EOS 650D -!!!?referralKeywords=canon+650D&featureType=13&event=Sponsored+Ranking,Position,1-1,1

10)Sony Vaio E Series -,Position,1-1,1

Thank you chan!

Anonymous said...

Ricalyn Sicad

1.Dresser Cabinet with sliding door DS 01,Position,1-19,19#imageGallery

2.Samsung Led Tv

3.Wardrobe Cabinet

4.Sala Set

5.Samsung S3

6.Canon EOS 650D

7.Queen Size Bed"+x+75"+with+Headboard+Storage+for+only+P9750%21?

8.Sewing Machine

9.Washing machine

10.Macbook Apple Laptop

Cherry Landicho

1. Electric Pressure Cooker,Position,1-6,6
2. Electric Grill,Position,1-3,3
3. Magic Bullet 5in1 Food Processor,Position,1-4,4
4. Microwavable Containers,Position,1-1,1
5. Electrolux MICROWAVE,Position,1-5,5
6. Exhaust Fan,Position,1-4,4
7. La Germania Table Electric Oven,Position,1-4,4
8. LG Full HD TV,Position,1-6,6
9. Kitchenware Multi,Position,1-19,19
10. 9 Minute Marinator,Position,2-11,31

name; jessica perez

1. Crib -,Position,1-2,2

2. Baby Stroller -,Position,1-5,5

3. Samsung Galaxy TAB -,Position,1-1,1

4. Sony 40" LED TV -,Position,1-1,1

5. SanDisk Sansa Fuze Mp3 Player -,Position,1-3,3

6. TAG heuer Watch -,Position,1-4,4

7. LongCoat Chihuahua -,Position,1-2,2

8. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos -,Position,1-4,4

9. Sony PSP 3000 -,Position,1-4,4

10. Beat PRO by Dr Dre -,Position,1-1,1

thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Christian De Asis

1. Netbook -,Browsing+History,Browsing+History

2. Apple Ipad3 -,Position,1-1,1

3. Canon DSLR -,Position,1-2,2

4. Playstation 3 -,Position,1-1,1

5. Drumset -,Position,1-1,1

6. Sony Xperia -,Position,1-2,2

7. Sony Bravia TV(3D) -,Position,1-3,3

8. Home Theater Sound System -,Position,1-8,8

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -,Position,1-2,2

10. Belgian Malinois puppy -,Position,1-1,1

Anonymous said...

name: sarah veronica barbacena

1. Samsung Galaxy S3 -,Position,1-2,2

2. Laptop & Netbook -,Position,1-1,1

3. Toyota Corolla Atlis -,Position,1-2,2

4. Stone Bracelet -,Position,1-3,3

5. African Love birds -,Position,1-1,1

6. iphone 3gs -,Position,1-2,2

7. 2013 Toyota VIOS -,Position,1-4,4

8. Samsung Galaxy Grand -,Position,1-8,8

9. shitzu :) -,Position,1-1,1

10. Apple Ipod Touch -,Position,1-3,3

Full name: Ma. Lourdes D. Espanol
Facebook profile URL:
Twitter ID: @kikayprincess02

10 Sulit must haves and links:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -,Position,1-9,9

Apple Ipad Mini -,Position,1-8,8

Michael Kors bag -,Position,1-20,20

Guess Watch -,Position,1-7,7

XOXO Wallet -,Position,1-18,18

Lancome Lipstick -!?referralKeywords=lancome+lipstick&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-4,4

Black Rectangle Stylish Bib Necklace -,Position,1-6,6

Earrings Pietra Chandelier -,Position,1-7,7

Korean Bangles -,Position,4-4,64

Ostrich Skin Precious Laptop Bag -,Position,1-10,10

Anonymous said...

Clarence Gamino

1. Centrum (i really need this) -,Position,1-3,3

2. Leather Sofa Bed -,Position,1-2,2

3. Honda Civic 2013 -,Position,1-1,1

4. Samsung Home Theater -,Position,1-1,1

5. Wooden Horizontal Blind -,Position,1-1,1

6. Pocket Wifi -,Position,1-1,1

7. Ceramic Hair Straightener -,Position,1-5,5

8.2013 Mercedes Benz E550 Coupe -,Position,1-2,2

9. Mitsubishi Pajero -,Position,1-3,3

10. Canon DSLR -,Position,1-1,1

Mona Verdida said...

FUll Name: Mona Liza Tumbaga-Verdida

My 10 Sulit Must-Haves (Gift Certificates)

10.) Overnight Accommodation
- Networld Hotel in Pasay GC -

9.) Overnight Stay for Two at St. Giles Hotel Makati GC-

8.) Overnight Stay for two at the Waterfront Hotel DavaO GC-

7.) f1 Hotel Gift Certificate -

6.)White Knight Intramuros Gift Certificate -

5.) Sofitel Spiral Gift certificate -

4.) Sodexho Gift Certificates -

3.) McDo Gift Certificate -

2.) The Spa Gift Certificate -

1.) Manila Pavilion 3D2N Gift Certificate -

Please visit and comment on my blog post at

Anonymous said...

Angeli Tejero Reyes

1. Ipod nano -,Position,1-1,1

2. LG Optimus L3 -,Position,1-2,2

3. iphone 4s 16gb -,Position,1-2,2

4. Honda Hatchback -,Position,1-2,2

5. 4 Bedrooms House and Lot -,Position,1-7,7

6. Interior Decoration -,Position,1-2,2

7. Nikkon DSLR D5100 Dual kit -,Position,1-1,1

8. brand new Wireless Router -,Position,1-1,1

9. Benetton Hot -,Position,1-2,2

10. Coby Tablet -,Position,1-1,1

I really loved to have that all the problem is i cant afford any one of my TOP TEN MOST LOVABLE I WANTED SULIT MUST HAVE:
1. IPAD Mini

2. Samsung Galaxy Note II

3. IPOD Touch 5th Gen

4. Nikon DSLR

5. HMDX Audio HX P230PU JAM Universal Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

6. Macbook Pro

7. IPHONE 5 64GB

8. Automatic Washing Machine

9. Samsung LED Smart 3D TV!

10. GE Profile 30in. Free Standing Double Oven Range


I really loved those item but i cannot afford to buy any of that wish you pick me so i can buy any of them love it!

1. IPAD Mini

2. Samsung Galaxy Note II

3. IPOD Touch 5th Gen

4. Nikon DSLR

5. HMDX Audio HX P230PU JAM Universal Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

6. Macbook Pro

7. IPHONE 5 64GB

8. Automatic Washing Machine

9. Samsung LED Smart 3D TV!

10. GE Profile 30in. Free Standing Double Oven Range

Jean Garcia said...

Jean Garcia

1) iPad3 -
2) iPhone5 -
3) LED TV -
4) Emergency Lamp -
5) Coleman Cooler -
6) Nine West bag -
7) 2 in 1 Straightening Curling Iron -
8) scarf -
9) Adidas duffel bag -
10) combination lock -

Mhay said...

Mhay Villapando

My 10 Sulit Items:

Power Bank Charger,Position,1-1,1

Benetton HOT 100ml,Position,1-6,6

Travel Mate Bags,Position,2-3,23

Nike Travelling Shoulder Bag,Position,1-6,6

Sophie Paris 3-Piece Travel Bag Set,Position,2-10,30

iPad Mini 64GB,Position,1-2,2

NIKON DSLR: D5100 Kit,Position,1-19,19

iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB,Position,1-3,3

Samsung Galaxy SIII,Position,1-18,18

4G Portable WiFi Router,Position,1-6,6

veta said...

Venos Monato
My 10 Sulit Must Haves
1. HongKong Tour Package -,Position,1-1,1
2. External Hard Disk Drive 500 -,Position,1-2,2
3. DVD Writer -,Position,1-7,7
4. Nikon DSLR -,Position,1-1,1
5. Camera Bag -,Position,1-2,2
6. Pocket WiFi -,Position,1-9,9
7. Apple iPhone5 -,Position,1-4,4
8. iPod Touch -,Position,1-1,1
9. Bag -,Position,1-3,3
10. Shoes -


1. printer,Position,1-8,8

2. cellphone,Position,1-2,2

3. psp,Position,1-1,1

4. shoulger bag,Position,1-4,4

5. usb,Position,1-1,1

6. dvd,Position,1-1,1

7. ipod,Position,1-1,1

8. mp4 player,Position,1-4,4

9. microwave oven,,Position,1-2,2

10. laptop,Position,2-13,33

mitchyweech said...

Michelle Lalic
My 10 Sulit Must Haves
1.Wedding Ring –,Position,1-9,9

2. Olympus digicam hd movie-,Position,1-5,5

3.Samsung Galaxy Tab –,Position,1-5,5

Shoes wedges and pumps –,Position,1-2,2

5. Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Black –,Position,5-18,98

6. IPHONE 5 16 GB-,Position,1-16,16

7. The North Face Backpack –,Position,1-1,1#imageGallery

8. Busha Pants Long Cotton Pants –,Position,1-1,1

9. sofa bed for kids (made from URATEX)-,Position,1-14,14

10. TORY BURCH Flat Shoes for Kids –,Position,2-10,30

Dolores Tolentino said...

Dolores Tolentino

1)Toyota Innova,Position,1-2,2

2) La- Germania oven,Position,1-6,6

3) Turbo Broiler,Position,1-2,2

4) Split Type Aircon,Position,1-9,9

5) LCD TV,Position,1-1,1

6) Magic Sing,Position,1-5,5

7) Shih Tzu,Position,1-1,1

8) Stand Fan,Position,1-2,2

9) Bath And Body Lotion,Position,1-1,1

10) Victorias Secret Perfume,Position,1-5,5

Anonymous said...

Chastine Carina Despi

1. Sexy Black Corset,Position,1-9,9

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2,Position,1-2,2

3. Samsung Home Theater,Position,1-1,1

4. Samsung TV,Position,1-2,2

5. XBOX 360,Position,1-2,2

6. iPhone 5,Position,1-1,1

7. ipad mini,Position,1-1,1

8. ipod touch 5th Gen,Position,1-2,2

9. Apple Macbook,Position,1-2,2

10. Audi R8,Position,1-2,2

Angelou Laksmi Cleofas

1. -Handmade Woman's Dresses/Skirts, Affordable
2. -Bangkok Sheer Dress Mint
3. -Wholesale Dresses and Tops
4. -tops and dresses
5. -ONLINE DRESS SHOP- Retail Dresses|Accessories|Bangkok|Flats|Wedges
6. -Bangkok Padded Corset dress
7. -Wedge Shoes
8. -Super Wedge Shoes wedge Sandals
9. -Beautiful Wedge Shoes
10. -Memorata Shoes Wedges/ Stilleto / Flats/Pumps

Jonah Di said...

Jonah Di Dela Torre

My 10 must-haves:

baby clothes -

iPad mini -

Saumsung Galaxy SIII -

baking tools -

Edible Writing Pen -

Frosting Deco Pen -

cupcake courier -

baking cups -

Perfect Brownie Pan Set -

cupcake stand and accessories -

Vanessa Del Valle-Manuel

Hey, Chan! my 10 Sulit must-haves:

1. iPad Mini -

2. Starbucks GC -

3. Greenbelt Hotel Voucher -

4. Boracay travel package -

5. condo -

6. Honda City -

7. Silicone Muffin Non Stick Baking Pan -

8. Muffin Baking Candy Cups -

9. Chocolate Molds for chocolate gift -

10. Wilton 12 Cavity Mini Doughnut Pan -

Mary May Tolentino

1) Elextrolux microwave,Position,1-1,1

2) Sony home theatre,Position,1-1,1

3) Sony Vaio laptop,Position,1-1,1

4) A Fab! DKNY watch,Position,1-1,1

5) Paris Hilton Heiress EDT,Position,1-3,3

6) Canon EOS 1100,Position,1-3,3

7) iPad 3,Position,1-2,2

8) laptop bag,Position,1-1,1

9) Guess zip-around wallet,Position,1-8,8

10) Victoria's Secret bag and perfume set,Position,1-16,16

Louie Len Doloricon


10 must haves

1.Refrigerator -,Position,3-3,43

2.Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet -,Position,1-5,5

3.SONY LED TV w/ free home theatre -,Position,1-2,2 airconditioner -,Position,1-1,1 table -,Position,1-1,1 chair -,Position,1-2,2

7.dining set -,Position,1-1,1

8.princess-type shih tzu -,Position,1-2,2 table -,Position,2-17,37 box stool -,Position,1-6,6

Khrizia Sta. Ana
10 sulit items:

1. KENNETH COLE TOTE,Position,1-1,1


3. XOXO BAG,Position,1-1,1

4. BABY-G WATCH,Position,1-14,14

5. IPAD MINI,Position,1-2,2

6. BLAZER,Position,1-1,1

7. TORY BURCH FLATS,Position,1-2,2

8. CHARM BRACELET,Position,1-20,20

9. BANGLES,Position,2-12,12

10. CLUTCH BAG,Position,1-11,11

Paula Jane said...

Paula Jane Renzales-Sicat

1. Debenhams Tankini,Position,1-11,11

2. Michael Kors watch,Position,1-1,1

3. grey Coach wallet,Position,1-4,4

4. balenciaga bag,Position,1-7,7

5. Rolex watch,Position,1-7,7

6. Hyundai Tucson,Position,1-1,1

7. Chanel bag,Position,1-7,7

8. Macbook,Position,1-1,1

9. 5th Gen iTouch,Position,1-1,1

10. Panasonic Lumix LX7,Position,1-8,8

Ernalene Morcozo

10 Sulit must haves:
1. iPad3 wifi 64gb -
2. Laptop bag -
3. Canon IXUS digicam -
4. Weekender bag -
5. Rayban Sunnies -
6. Converse -
7. bluetooth ear phones -
8. Scarf -
9. bra organizer -
10.Mango bag -


Anonymous said...

joanna azures

wish List:

1. iPhone 5,Position,1-1,1

2. netbook,Position,1-4,4

3. pocket wifi,Position,1-1,1

4. condo unit,Position,1-1,1

5. dslr camera,Position,1-2,2

6. Labrador puppies,Position,1-1,1

7. Lebron 9,Position,1-5,5

8. kobe 7 elite edition,Position,1-15,15

9. honda civic 2007,Position,1-2,2

10. mount bike rack,Position,1-3,3

Anonymous said...

joan abenojar

1. hilux,Position,1-1,1

2. LG 3D Smart LED TV,Position,1-2,2

3. HTC Windows Phone,Position,1-2,2

4. ipad mini,Position,1-1,1

5. itouch,Position,1-2,2

6. Sony NC500D,Position,1-1,1

7. Galaxy Y,Position,1-2,2

8. Home Theater,Position,1-2,2

9. Asus Gaming Laptop,Position,1-6,6

10. Wedge shoes,Position,1-5,5

Anonymous said...

jocelyn abenojar

1. electric guitar amplifier,Position,1-2,2

2. Guitar Pedal,Position,1-6,6

3. bass guitar,Position,1-9,9

4. electric guitar,Position,1-17,17

5. Drum Set,Position,1-10,10

6. tablet,Position,1-4,4

7. Samsung Galaxy sIII c-pen stylus,Position,1-4,4

8. DKNY wrist watch,Position,1-4,4

9. supra skytop,Position,1-3,3

10. Dr. Dre headset,Position,1-3,3

Anonymous said...

mauro montilla bello

1. shisha,Position,1-1,1

2. shisha charcoal,Position,1-5,5

3. skater shoes,Position,1-4,4

4. samsung netbook,Position,1-2,2

5. Water Tumbler,Position,1-2,2

6. casio watch,Position,1-5,5

7. Cherry mobile flare battery,Position,1-5,5

8. Toyota corolla atlis,Position,1-1,1

9. Element skateboard mountain lion,Position,1-5,5

10. Motorcycle helmet,Position,1-1,1

Anonymous said...

1. Apple Tablet ipad Mini,Position,1-3,3

2. iPod Touch 5th Gen,Position,1-5,5

3. Elizabeth Cherry Perfume,Position,1-2,2

4. Posh bag,Position,1-11,11

5. Etude BB Cream,Position,1-2,2

6. nyx Lipstick,Position,1-2,2

7. Forever 21 Green Dress,Position,1-18,18

8. Louis Vuitton Bag,Position,1-4,4

9.Black platform High Heels,Position,1-9,9

10. Payless Gold Glittery Shoes,Position,1-18,18

Anonymous said...

Paulo mark sargento

1. Dutdutan XII Tribal Shirt,Position,1-1,1

2. master of mayhem shirt,Position,1-1,1

3. Draven shoes gift certificate,Position,1-9,9

4. Electric Guitar,Position,1-1,1

5. Silver electric guitar case,Position,1-14,14

6. LG LED TV,Position,1-1,1

7. Sony PJ200,Position,1-1,1

8. Honda Jazz 2013,Position,1-4,4

9. Electric Scooter,Position,1-1,1

10. Tribu Slippers,Position,1-3,3

Anonymous said...

fortunato sargento jr

1.) brand new samsung 3d home theater

2.) Ipod and Iphone speaker Dock

3.) Nike LunarLon

4.) Nissan Patrol Super Safari

5.) Sony Car Stereo

6.) 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4

7.) Home Furniture

8.) 5folds sofa bed

9.) Levi's pants

10.) Nike Jacket

Anonymous said...

name: michelle anne azures

1. arena acoustic guitar-

2. Chihuahua puppy-

3. dog cage-

4. samsung galaxy s2-

5. golden retriever-

6. ipod Classic-

7. MiD Android Tablet PC wifi-

8. Suys Korean Sandals-

9. Brand New 2013 Bmw 750li At-

10. yamaha mio soul-

Mommae said...

Kriztine Mae Mendoza

My 10 Sulit Must Haves

1. Canon 50mm f1.8 lens -,Position,1-18,18

2. Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon -,Position,1-3,3

3. cheapest motorized treadmill 2hp clearance sale -,Position,1-18,18

4. Chandelier Light Chrome and Crystals -,Position,2-2,22

5. Contemporary Bubble Chandelier -,Position,4-3,63

6. Hayes DC Ceiling Fans – NOVU -,Position,2-15,35

7. Shower Water Heater -,Position,1-1,1

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105 LTE -,Position,1-2,2

9. 3D 4 Speed Stand Mixer with Stainless Bowl -,Position,2-4,24

10. 3D 5 Speed Hand Mixer -,Position,2-6,26

Anonymous said...

name: rhyan quinte

1) Yamaha Mio Soul

2) Mio Floor Board

3) Baby Crib

4) stroller

5) Samsung Galaxy Ace

6) Laptop Bag

7) 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer

8) Billabong Polo Shirts

9) House and Lot with Furnitures

10) Trip to Boracay Reservation

Anonymous said...

name: julie vargas

my wishlist:
1. Revlon Moon Drops
2. corset
3. Boots
4. DC shoes
5. Curling Iron
6. Blackberry Torch
7. Sanyo LCD TV
8. Spy Sunglass
9. Pen Camera
10. Coron Packages Tours

Anonymous said...

name: racie jean bellin
fb url:

1.) CK One,Position,1-8,8
2.) Converse Chuck Taylor,Position,1-4,4
3.) Zooyork Shoes,Position,1-3,3
4.) E. Ciggarette,Position,1-2,2
5.) DKNY Perfume,Position,1-8,8
6.) Escada Sexy Graffiti,Position,1-1,1
7.) Auth Omnia Amethyst Perfume,Position,1-6,6
8.) Heiress,Position,1-2,2
9.) Purr Perfume,Position,1-2,2
10.) Fairy Dust Perfume,Position,1-1,1

Anonymous said...

name: Jizelle Bernardino
fb url:

1. Apple Tablet ipad Mini,Position,1-3,3

2. iPod Touch 5th Gen,Position,1-5,5

3. Elizabeth Cherry Perfume,Position,1-2,2

4. Posh bag,Position,1-11,11

5. Etude BB Cream,Position,1-2,2

6. nyx Lipstick,Position,1-8,8

7. Black Gladiator strap High heels,Position,1-7,7

8. Memorata Shoes,Position,1-2,2

9. PSP 3000,Position,1-1,1

10. 2012 mercedes benz,Position,1-1,1

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Jane Alviar

1.) Lacoste sun Glasses

2.) Sleeveless blouse

3.) Vintage/Retro Wood Furniture

4.) Canon DSLR

5.) Bnew Ice Crusher

6.) Nike Sneaker Shoes

7.) Asus Memopad Android

8.) Chowchow :*

9.) 2br Condo Unit in QC

10.) foundation makeup

tnx :)

Anonymous said...

name- Kevin De Guzman
fb url-

1. Mountain Bike-

2. Blackberry Z10-

3. Dell vostro desktop core duo-

4. POS PC Package-

5. iphone 3gs-

6. HP - Pavillion 14" Laptop-

7. 3Layers COmputer Table-

8. Celadon Condo-

9. Eternity White Gold-

10. Sony T Model-

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