A Fab Facial Plus Diamond Peel At Skin Sanctuary

11:27 PM Chan Zubiaga 42 Comments

Along Metropolitan Ave. San Antonio Village, Makati, you will find the next best derma clinic in town, Skin Sanctuary.

I went there last Wednesday to have a facial since it's holiday season I thought I'd have a really good pampering for my face. In fact, I wasn't disappointed!

I was greeted by Cang, the pretty marketing specialist of Skin Sanctuary and these other ladies. But
since it's only 2pm, I wasn't able to meet their board-certified dermatologists. But maybe in the future, I will.

The place is not big but I'd say it feels very accommodating and homey and clean.

What I liked about their facial is the application of glycolic acid prior, so that the outer-outer layer of the skin, if you will, is peeled, revealing your baby skin. But purposefully, it is to help the skin soften out before pricking the whiteheads and blackheads.

It's a lil bit, well, not painful, but kinda itchy, the glycolic. But it only means that it works.

We did a bit of steaming too, glycolic application then steaming in order to soften the comedones, so they will then be easy to pull out. The skin naturally expands when warmed, so there.

Next step is of course, pricking session. Ehm, we all know that it could get painful but tolerable but that's what we pay for beauty's sake, tiis-ganda :)

After pricking, we did high-frequency treatment, shown below, which they say is to disinfect and to remove all the skin impurities left.
Pic from my phone. High-frequency treatment.

And this high-frequency treatment, I don't think other clinics have this service, eh? And it's actually included in Skin Sanctuary's Cleansing Facial on promo for only 349php now! Isn't that awesome?

Now, the diamond peel. I always loved having a diamond peel, as it gives your skin such a glow and ultimate smoothness you can only experience by having it.
Diamond peel, in action. Their diamond peel is on promo, only 799php.

Pic from my phone. Cold hammer, to close the pores after the diamond peel. They have very techy tools.

Then, the mask. Moisturizing Mask.
The net makes it easy for any peel-off masks like this. Genius.

Now me AFTER the three procedures done, facial, diamond peel and face mask. On the right pic, with Cang of Skin Sanctuary.

Visit the Skin Sanctuary's Facebook Page to check out on their services and promos. Read below for more info.

The Skin Sanctuary
1047 Metropolitan Ave.
San Antonio Village, Makati
Mobile: 09494345239
Tel: 903-0368

More on The Skin Sanctuary

Not all clinics have board-certified dermatologists. But here in Skin Sanctuary, they have two board-certified dermatologists. Their schedules:
Dra. Coco Tiongson
Thursday 7:30-8:00PM
Friday 5:00-8:00PM
Saturday 1:00-2:30PM

Dra. Jackie de las Alas
Wednesday 4:00-8:00PM
Saturday 4:00-8:00PM

Doctor's Consultation fee: 400php

Monday/Tuesday -- FREE Mask when you avail any of our services
Wednesday/Thurs -- Back Cleaning for only P799 (instead of P999)

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Allan said...

I never had to spa before. This might be considered if we had time to visit one.

reese said...

oh, i haven't experience face pampering, your cheeks are reddish in one of the pics, does it hurt

Cintamuni said...

Yes it did a little bit. My skin always react like that on blackheads pricking

Aileen said...

When you talked about the black and whiteheads pricking part, I cringed, almost in horror hehehe. Tear-inducing beauty regimen for sure.

Mys Laguitao said...

I miss having facials. I used to do that when I was single.

been a long time to indulge in this...

It is funny that even young teens and boys at that, also indulge in facials....

aby ♥ said...

it's okey to have make up during facials? hehe nice review! :)

Whao.. facials.. I haven't been for one before but I'm sure your skin must have felt really good after doing one.

Mommy Maye said...

I always wanted to have a facial but I have to time for it. Hehe... Hope I can find time too.

Mommy Maye

max said...

oh, i'm wanting for a facial pampering too

Maan Laxa said...

I've never had a facial. I'm afraid it would hurt too much! But you're right, tiis-ganda nga!

sanna said...

I badly need a facial. Its been years since my last!

anne lei said...

I just bought voucher of diamond peel session in a clinic near my workplace. I hope I have a good experience just like yours.

Cintamuni said...

That's one thing haha! Actually they removed my makeup but of course didn't do anything on my lips hehe .. However, my lower lids I put this primer on before a baked eyeshadow so it was kind of hard to remove so they did stay on!

Cintamuni said...

In case you live near Makati, I actually have a giveaway and the grand winner wins a facial and a diamond peel! Contest ends Dec 29, 2012 :)

Their prices seems to be a good deal and you look rejuvenated. Well done! :-)

I miss being pampered! Spa and facial treatments are so expensive in here. I can only get a massage and a facial every time I went home for vacay!

Olga said...

I love getting facials but hate the extraction part. :( Dermaline has the painless facial procedure but I have yet to try it. I'm loving their eyebag treatment though. :D

Marie said...

I love facials. I rarely get blackheads and whiteheads though, so I don't go through much pain. what i want to get rid off are my laughlines

tondo girl said...

love going to salon and spa for facial. ayun nga lang tiis ganda talaga, ang sakit when they are pricking your black and white heads but it's all worth it kase after ng session parang ang gaan gaan ng feeling and ganda gana naten. :-)

tet ^0^ said...

I missed going to salon and spa. I'm truthfully busy that's why I almost forgot to pamper myself! T_T

Jellybelly said...

Been thinking of having skin peeling for a while now but haven't gotten around to it. Do they have other clinics, like Ortigas area?

krizza said...

I used to have diamond peel also. But maybe around twice a year lang pag umuuwi ako sa Pinas. It really gives our face a natural glow. You had a total pampering indeed.

January said...

I never tried diamond peel before, I think feel ko to try it soon. :)

i never tried diamond peel before, my friend was asking me to go with her but I didn't give in, maybe next time I will

ako din i never tried diamond peel. how good is it?

Jhari said...

Diamond peel, wow! My friend tried it before and her face is really glowing. Good for you that you had time for yourself.

CE 12/18

Cintamuni said...

Agree.. gaan gaan tlga ng feeling haha

Cintamuni said...

Right now none yet :(

Cintamuni said...

Nako it's really good :)

Cintamuni said...

A friend of mine asked me if you can have diamond peel even without having a facial first. Actually, you can. My first diamond peel experience was with Slimmers World clinic, and since then nagustuhan ko na sya talaga

Vera said...

I haven't scheduled a facial in months and my face is already screaming for it! Hehe. the price is really a good deal, how much is the regular price?

I never had done this before. It might be pricey but it's worth it. :D

I think I'll give my wife a gift for a treatment like this. :)

the place is cool.. I surely deserve this kind of pampering..

Cym Marzan said...

I really really need to have a facial. It's been ages! Yes, diamond peel felt good. :-)

Maribeth said...

How I wish I could get a facial treatment soon too. I really need it but I've been really busy lately.. Anyway, happy new year! :)

kat said...

I never had facials before. I don't have much complaints against my skin though.

Ron Leyba said...

The process might hurt a bit right? But the end result is awesome!

im 30 and i never tried doing facials... hehehe :-) might consider one later but so far im happy with my skin though...

i love the place's green walls! :-)

Naku it's been ages since I had my last facial. I have GCs with another facial center naman. Will use it soon! Hope it's going to be a pleasant experience for me. :)