Pucker Up With Model's Own It's Coral Pink

4:25 PM Chan Zubiaga 36 Comments

How was your week so far? See I just have moved to a new house two weeks ago but I haven't finished organizing everything yet and I let it sometimes frustrate me, but no, I didn't let it frustrate much of my morning today. Even though I lacked the time to put on some nice, polished mukups on, I still managed to pucker up some color on my face with the help of Models Own It lippy in Coral Pink which I bought from an online seller. Have you heard of this brand?

After office hours look

It looks very orange-y in this picture right here:

Let's talk about consistency and texture. It was kinda matte, you know, it is smooth and color-rich but sticks to your lips, it doesn't smudge. It stays on your lips for a good 4+ hours in my count (including lunch time). Actually, I'm loving this UK brand already given it's very cheap at less than 600pesos I think but I got this when they went on sale.

It says it's CORAL PINK, but to me, it's like the real coral. If you want to wear some red to kick start your day, try this hue for a change. It's more fresh and lively and more youthful.

I know, I've been so thin!
Just swipe, and go! That's the lazy girl's motto. (And I didn't forego of the eyebrows this time)


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Rae said...

Lazy girl here. Swipe and go. That's why I love Maybelline Red Revival. Parang sobrang pag-eeffort, lipstick lang pala.

I like the shade. It's so orange on the skin, but it looks great on the lips. I agree, it's a very youthful shade!

Allan said...

That was new to me. Orange Lipstick?

I never tried orange lipsticks before. Looks good on you sis.

Marie said...

Orange lipsticks are good for Asian skin.

Laura said...

hello~ i just followed and was wondering if you could check out my blog and follow back! i blog about kpop, music and books!
- Laura

TY :)

Orange? It fits you well. :D

I prefer light colors. I look like a flirt wearing dark colored lipsticks especially red ones. :)

JanzCrystalz said...

Never tried an orange lipstick before. I'll check it out! who knows this lipstick will make me put them on my lips hehehe

I haven't heard nor try this product.. I hope you could share the link where you bought the lipstick and yes i seems to like the color..

Mommy Maye said...

I am not really into lipstick, lip balm is what I have inside my bag. hehe. But I love this coral pink na parang orange. hehe..

Mommy Maye

Jemm De Leon said...

I'm really looking into coral pink lipsticks nowadays. The color is pretty. I might check this brand out when I encounter it.

Oh, and if you're interested in exchanging links and/or follow each other on GFC, let me know through my blog.


max said...

i like the orange color

Aileen said...

Marie is right....orange looks good on Asian skin. I am morena and I find that the orange tint works best with me. Pink is a no-no for me hehehe...and I kind of feel self conscious with shocking red.

My week is a good one! Attended our convention and won a cellphone! Sometimes, I used coral but more of the red coral or coral pink , not the too orange one!

Rozeh said...

I want that color! Where id you guy it?

aby ♥ said...

this is nice.. i've looking for an orange-y lippies.. hehe

That's a lovely shade. I personally haven't really tried orange yet but have yet to see it on myself if the color works for me.

Farida said...

It is good to have a little color on the face though we sometimes feel lazy to fix ourselves :)

tet ^0^ said...

that's a good shade of model's own.I envy you.I want to get the same shade as well! :)))

looks good on you :) very fresh :)

Ron Leyba said...

Nice choice of color. Looks good for you.

tondo girl said...

i love lipstick..but i've been using satin and matte shade of MAC for my lips because just like you i am lazy like that..just swipe and go.

KRIZZA said...

The color is so orange but it looks good after being applied on the lips.

Jhari said...

It looks like those magic lipstick before noh? Green in color but when you dashed it over your lips, it turned red as in red :)

I agree with Marie, orange lipsticks are good for our complexion. :) Nice lippie you got there. :)

No it isn't. It's really orange-y. IT's just that I didn't get good lighting when I took the pic. Will add more pics later hehe

It looks good on you! I'm not big on lippies, though. I'm scared to use them kasi baka di bagay! Haha! What product do you recommend for a novice? :D

what do you mean novice? for starters, I guess try some brownish pink to just enhance the natural color of your lips

anne lei said...

i am not into lipsticks. What I used is a lip balm to moisten my lips. But, I tried orange lipstick before when we were checking some cosmetics. It looks good on your lips.

ehms said...

I'm not a lipstick girl, lipbalm is my thing. But it looks good on you though. :-)

eof777 said...

It's a pretty shade even though I've never heard of the brand. I'll use it.:-)

Cym Marzan said...

Cool find! I use a tinted lip balm, not sure about using lipstick yet. Maybe when I'm 40? Hehe! I don't really do make-up so I don't know what color suits me best.

kat said...

It looks natural and I like how you worked your pose. :D

Nice shade! :) Where's the link to this online seller sis?

Mys Laguitao said...

I thought it would be orange! I think I saw that brand in Multiply awhile back. Looks great on you.