Vitapack Whitening Soap and Whitening Lotion

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Vitapack introduces its new Vitapack Whitening soap and Vitapack Whitening lotion, a range with an
8-in-one benefits that contains the following ingredients that helps your skin even more attractive and sexy:

Clairju - for whitening and brightening effects
VB9 Plus - for whitening, prevents wrinkles while also has brightening complex
Ameliox - anti-wrinkle
Acnebusters - (not sure exactly but it) dries pimples and is an antibacterial
Niacinamide - whitening and brightening
Tea Tree Oil - fights off bacteria
Argan Oil - for moisturizing
Uvinul A Plus B - UVA and UVB protection
L-glutathione - whitening

Having been known for its range of beauty supplements, this 8-in-one whitening soap and whitening lotion is another addition that does pack a punch considering the helpful ingredients it does have. I was actually not familiar with some of its rather new ingredients found in the market like the clairju and VB9 Plus. However, Vitapack claims these two were of Japanese and Korean descent. As we all know these two countries were pretty advanced when it comes to skin care technology.

Having tried this wonderful soap even for a few times, I can say that it does a good job on clarifying, whitening and brightening the skin. What I also noticed very evidently is that it tightens the skin, thus eliminating fine lines and early signs of ageing.

I also let my mom try it together with the lotion and for only a week I already saw a noticeable tightness and brightening for her. That means this is also a good range for those who have mature skin if they want to have a younger, more supple skin.

Lastly, I like the fact that this 8-in-one range does have argan oil which hydrates and deeply nourishes the skin.

Have you tried this brand?

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