My Sexy Revolution Starts Now

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I'm the typical drama queen, and so this is my love story. No, my dieting story rather.

Last December, two of my closest friends got married, and I served as bridesmaids to both. Though I seemed to be quite happy with how I looked, my pictures shows I've become less of a hot chic because of those flabs in my arms! Just less. I know I'm still gorgeous. But I really hate to see those flabs, especially in pictures!

My friend Kate's wedding, December 17, 2011

My friend Michelle's wedding, December 11, 2011

The reason why I'm kind of irritated is the fact that I have a gym club membership last year, that means my once-a-week visit to the gym, doing weights didn't really benefit me.

So this is what happened. I was heart broken. I was really wrecked and devastated. It happened New Year's Eve, something happened and got sick. I had this gastroenteritis thingy. I was so heart broken that time I thought I'm going to die. I'm having heart palpitations, I couldn't breathe well, I couldn't eat well because I'm so sick. So there, I spent my New Year's Eve crying the whole time because of heartache and because I was sick.

I lost appetite from everything. And when the first day of work came, I almost dragged myself to work, I was very disoriented. And it lasted for weeks. I couldn't eat much, wouldn't eat much. I noticed I lost some weight already, so I decided to continue dieting. What I did was, I controlled my carbo intake. That is, less sugary foods, less rice, less fried foods, less fast food. But I didn't skip meals. When I'm hungry, I ate but with no rice or with half rice only. I visited the gym still at least once a week that time until April. Alas, I got thinner. See this picture below?

Club Manila East, March 2012

Let me confess to you: This picture was edited in Photoshop. Meaning, I needed to smooth out those wrinkles, cellulites on my thighs! They are very ugly I couldn't post it in Facebook without the edit. Until now actually, I see my skin really saggy in my arms, and in my thighs, not to mention the stretch marks, it's like all over me.

I have achieved my ideal weight, yes. But cellulites and saggy skin aren't sexy, would you agree? I want to be not just sexy, but have a sexy skin, too. So if I win this Nuffnang contest, the drama queen's dream might just come true!

I really would want to win this Sexy Solutions by Belo contest so that I can have my loose skin tightened, I can have my muscles toned, to be really sexy, more gorgeous, and be more confident to pose in front of the camera on my bikini without being conscious.

And finally, I would be closer to the day that I will finally meet my twin flame.

Sexy Solutions is a non-invasive fat reduction clinic that has machines that can (1) melt fat in stubborn places, (2) tighten loose skin and (3) tone muscle. Sexy Solutions also has in-house consultants that can help you with your nutrition and fitness regimen.

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