Pretty In Prints, My New Summer Obsession

5:37 PM Chan Zubiaga 24 Comments

Bold Lines&Prints Swimwear

Me and my friends scheduled a Boracay trip which is going to be happening soon :D and I actually was rooting to wear something like these gorgeous prints for a change. In fact I bought already two pairs, a two-piece printed swimsuit and a one-piece with floral prints. I will post a few pics of my newly acquired swimwear "after" our trip, haha! (pa-suspense?)

How about you, what's your swimsuit love?

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Chin chin said...

Wish I could have the guts to wear those swim attire. Mga small girls ko siguro pwede pa.

goodluck and i am excited to read your Boracay adventure

Wow, you're going to Boracay! I'm so jealous! :)

Kristine said...

I love the prints, too. However, I don't think I can manage to wear bikinis..Enjoy your getaway!

Lovely swimsuits.. I will choose the 2 piece ones anyday :)

I would love to wear those haha but I have a mommy tummy na (with a visible CS scar :( )

JanzCrystalz said...

I wish I have a beautiful slim body, I will surely get those!

how i wish I can wear those swimwear.. looking forward for your boracay gateway post..

Olga said...

Love the striped onesie! I'd definitely wear that if I didn't have stretch marks to hide. The design is not something you often see. :)

krizza said...

Wow...goodluck sa Boracay trip!
Can't wait to see your photos in those gorgeous swim suits. :)

Ron Leyba said...

Yay for the two piece printed outfit. So we will be seeing your Boracay post soon? Right?

aby ♥ said...

i love the first swimsuit in the photo.. the floral one piece.. im so into vintage swimwear lately. hehe nice choices! :)

Wow! two piece swimsuits! Where will be dipping?

kat said...

Everybody is wearing a two-piece nowadays that I think you will stand out in a one-piece.

Wow, I love the striped one! Hahaha Enjoy Boracay! I so want to go back myself!

Jellybelly said...

I love florals and I'm a one piece swimsuit gal. I like the white, flowered swimsuit

eLLa (r) said...

Nice choices. I like them all, if only they like me back.hehe

Aileen A said...

Nice swimsuits...looking forward to the update of your Boracay trip. :-)

I love the pink two-piece sa gitna! I can't wear it, though. Haha! Looking forward to your photos, Chan!

Mommy Maye said...

I am sure you will perfectly fit those pretty swim suits. Wow Boracay! Enjoy and have fun!

Cym Marzan said...

I like the floral one piece swimsuit. I need something that would cover my tummy and also my big hips, hehe!

I like the one piece suits, perfect for mommies like myself! :)

I like the one piece suits, perfect for mommies like myself! :)

I am loving the striped one piece! enjoy your boracay trip! looking forward for your post too!