My Beach Essentials

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It may not be summer yet, but with this kind of heat why not just bask under the sun by the beach? Ber months is also vacay season anyway. Me and two of my friends will go to Dumaguete on Wednesday to check out the Manjuyod Sandbar. It will be a three-day getaway which I hope will be enough to unwind away from the city and renew our body and mind.

I'm of course excited, and I actually have listed here my beach essentials:

1. Hat - I usually just use umbrella in my previous travels LOL. But now I fugured out a cute way to hide my face from the sun, haha!

2. Sunnies - Of course! Your eyes need UV protection, too!

3. Sunblock
4. Hand sanitizer - Actually, this is something we need everyday, everywhere we go.

5. Water-resistant watch
6. Lip gloss - You would want UV protection for your lips, too, and moisturize at the same time. What I like about Carmex is its cooling effect, which makes this a very good pick for those hot beach getaways.
Carmex lipgloss in Strawberry

7. Blush-on - This one falls under beauty essentials, together with the nail polish :p
Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Coral

8. Baby powder - When it's hot I just like to sprinkle some powder on my skin especially in this very humid climate in the Philippines.

9. Facial mist - To keep your face hydrated (aside from drinking water) and moisturized without the sticky feel.
Aqua Cure Mist from Etude House

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