Trying On DIY Magic Hair Curlers

1:50 AM Chan Zubiaga 21 Comments

I'm sure you all have seen this Magic Leverag DIY hair curlers since late last year on the Watsons department stores shelves. Actually, I had one or a couple (coz I sell them hehe) before Watsons started to sell it. But since I'm a busy offcie girl, I only have experimented on it twice. Now I would like to share to you the outcomes of those trials.

And so it comes with a hook and a couple of plastic curlers. It's very easy to use I would say, as even in Youtube you can find different tutorials on how to use it. It would be best to just refer you to check the step-by-steps there :)

The first time I used it, I felt I needed to put it on for a long time just to make sure that it curls my hair and it stays
 for a long time. I let it on my hair for more or less 4 hours and here's what I came up with: locks like that of GOLDILOCKS! However it didn't last long. I just did a commute in less than an hour, then all the curls are gone!

The second time I did my own curls using this Magic hair curler, I used it only on the sides of my hair
and just the bottom area, unlike when I first tried it on curling all of my hair. I first sprayed on some hair net on the tips at the bottom, or the parts I wanted to be curled. Then I put on a few curlers:

I'm really not sure if it's a good idea to spray on hair net "before" slipping on the curlers. Hmmm.. 

Anyway, here's what my second trial looked like:

I will share with you a more decent set of pics the next time I try it again haha! 

Here are my initial assessments. I found this easy to use and would recommend it to those who would like to have temporary curls let's say for an occasion, a wedding or something like that. Or, maybe just to shake up your regular look a bit. The downside is or rather, well, it more falls into a challenge actually, is how to make it last, which in my case, I'm still unsure if hair net spray can really do the trick or maybe a hair gel to keep the curls for hours.

So what are your thoughts? Have you tried using curlers like this one or maybe rollers like what they use in the '80s?

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Wow I like this! I get bored sometimes with super short hair! :)

Allan said...

makign curls is now hassle free and doesn't need to go to saloon.

Ang cute ng curls mo sa first photo, Chan! I hope I can achieve something like that, pero masyado pang short buhok ko. :-(

Mommy Maye said...

Minsan napapaisip ko magpahaba na talaga ng buhok. I love the curly hairs of Rebecca, Celyn and Margaux e. Hehe.

Mommy Maye2

Rae said...

uy, thanks for sharing, medyo hirap ako. magcurl using flat iron

Farida said...

I wish I could don a long hair pero di ko kaya eh... how long do you have to put those curlers on your hair or depende din sa texture ng hair? It looks good, btw!

anne lei said...

I wonder what would happen if I use it as curlers. Ang hirap ikulot pa naman ng buhok ko. Even using chemicals, the next day almost straight na siya

Marie said...

Mukhang fun! I am growing my hair and make gaya my daughter na naka-digital perm. Might try this and find out if digiperm will suit me nga

eof777 said...

It looks like you get soft curls from it... so not bad. Have a great week.

Vera said...

It looks good! Gusto ko nyan so I can see how my hair will look like with soft curls din. Tapos pag maganda I'll go for a digiperm. hehe :)

JanzCrystalz said...

Cool! I guess I would like to try this out next time. :)

Jhari said...

I've seen this on action when I was surfing videos over YouTube, and it works wonders. I've been trying to find one here but no avail. I guess there is in malls along Dubai, but not here in Sharjah.

Chin chin said...

I'm fine with my wavy hair. The one time I had it curled, it was not "bagay" because I have very thick hair. Maybe I can use this with my girls. I'll see them when I visit Watsons.

jellybelly said...

Nice curls. Too bad they didn't last longer. Been curling my flyaway hair lately as am growing out layers. It's not working for me :(

sanna said...

I use curling iron to curl my hair pero I want to stay clear of heat to style my hair na kc nkkadamage.

reese said...

your curls looks good
haven't tried curling my hair, when i;m bored with long hair i cut it short

nice curls, looking forward for your next photos..

Aileen said...

I'd like to try this for fun. Kaya lang like you said, it does not last long. Maybe hair spray after curling would hold the curls?

with long straight hair like mine, i would give this a try. :)

i'm here again. i actually looked for this at watsons (here in cebu) and didn't find it. i got the bendy rollers instead.

Guess what? I have these curlers, but I don't know how to use it. Ha ha... I have yet to use it. Will check out tutorials siguro when I do need to use them na. LOL