Hidden Oasis in Session Road

9:36 PM Chan Zubiaga 5 Comments

Continuing on my solo Baguio journey, let me share with you this hidden oasis I have discovered in the busy streets of Session Road, the Oh, My Gulay! restaurant. It was a piece of serenity, and has this zen-like feel to it, the arts, the layout, the details and the music. The zen-like music that they play in the restaurant is so soothing to the nerves, this place is so wonderful. I will definitely go back. Ssshh, it's a secret, don't tell anyone..

Oh, My Gulay! can be found in the third floor (I think, if not fourth, sorry!) of the green building right across
Don Henricos in the Upper Session Road. Just ask, like what I did, as there are no signage of the restaurant in front of the building, as far as I remember. And also, there are actually a couple of other restaurants in the different floors, so you will need to ask from vendors outside.

The stairs leading to it is dark, and there are a few statues, art pieces, paintings, I think, on your way to the restaurant. When you reach the main entrance, you will then see like a whole new dimension, as if it is not in there. It feels you are entering a portal to somewhere really, really relaxing and that time just stood still. Then, you will hear the soft and soothing music. You can't help but to look around you, and find that moment of silence, a taste of peace. Suddenly, everything just seems enjoyable.

                                          Translucent roofing that invite natural lighting

                                      This path is leading to a comfort room, to the left. Cuteness.

                                      This cute little dining setup is all for me that afternoon

        Oh, yes, that was Mr. Happy Face who dined with me. He didn't eat anything as he can't digest food.

                    Looking down. Dining tables on the two platforms are cooler, and brighter, I think.

                               I ordered Kabute Pasta. The serving is huge, I didn't finish it.

                               These folks bid me farewell as I made my exit through the stairway

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Interesting wooden deco they have at that restaurant. It does look very inviting place to dine.

Ida JT said...

It looks an oasis in the middle of the city! The old furniture gives the place a distinct feel and I love the idea of the greens being incorporated. I hope I can visit Baguio again soon!

I'm more of a white-and-clean-lines person, but I have to admit that this place has a charm of its own!

Allan D said...

Looks like the resto makes you closer to nature.

theresa said...

When I was in Baguio, I really didn't enjoyed the trip because of the limited time for work activities. I want to go there again and just savor the pleasure of no work.