Unconventional Way of Waking Up Pretty

2:40 PM Chan Zubiaga 0 Comments

Want to wake up with a pretty, clear, and sweet-smelling skin?

Hooray! I have experimented it twice, and gave me the same beautiful result. How about using an eye cream as a face night cream? Yup. But it's not your ordinary eye cream, it's my fav SkinFood Potiron au Lait Eye Cream. Instead of using it on just around the eyes, I tried using it as a face night cream.

I'm telling you, guys, this smells great! Yum! It's skin food, hehe.

And the result is really good. Ehem.

Skin was really supple, clear, soft, and does have a sweet smell because of the eye cream. Smells like milk and honey. You wouldn't really notice a hard night  just passed. So if you would want to try this too, I would highly suggest to clean your face completely with a good facial wash, and then better if you also put toner before putting on the face cream (eye cream, rather).

I have been very busy, doing businesses and other stuff. That's why this is my comeback post here. But talking about SkinFood, and Korean cosmetics in particular, I am a big fan. Really. I find their products milder, or let's say, they better suit my type of skin when compared to locally manufactured products (with the exception of Human Nature, of course!).

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