The Perfection Makeover By Cream Silk

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How do you define perfection? Perfection is last Saturday, that very hectic day when I was able to accomplish a lot of things in just one day. I needed to travel to a church in Antipolo in the morning to do some photography for a friend's wedding day. Then taking along with me my goddaughter to spend time with her in the mall to watch The Avengers movie. Perfection is being able to spot on the Perfection Makeover by Cream Silk right on time and being able to squeeze it into your perfect schedule.

The "after" professional photoshoot

Lucky enough, as I have always been, spot on the Perfection makeover by Cream Silk. I was with my goddaughter at SM Megamall. Good thing we passed by the new atrium, saw there was some sort of a
crowd. We looked below and saw there was some serioous hair makeover going on. We went down right away, and quickly inquired about it.

Cream Silk was promoting their new product line, Perfection, and said that if you purchase something like 300php and up, you can avail the hair makeover, a, that is the shampoo so you can right away experience the new Perfection conditioner, then b, the hair styling, with i.e. blower. And this is done by Toni & Guy salon, by the way. I was curious and eager enough to try and experience how good the service from Toni & Guy, so I gave in to this wonderful treat.

The Perfection line includes conditioner, weekly treatment mask, detangling spray, and leave-on.
I bought one treatment mask and one conditioner, then headed to the lounge area and waited for my queue.

Leaflets and sample products are on display on the lounge table.

I didn't wait too long. Oh, that was nice. So now, to the treatment area. Might as well call it that, since my hair has long been this coarse and dry, really in need of such.

A big face and some serious massage here.

Haha. This is my favorite part, the styling. Guess what, it's this cute stylist from Toni & Guy. Actually, he taught me a couple of things which I'm very grateful for.

Noel Muncada of Toni & Guy Makati branch
Noel introduced himself to me, then I knew he works at their Makati branch. I asked how much they charge for hair cut, told me it is 750php for him, and 650php or so for others. So their fee system actually depends on the stylist, how experienced he is, maybe. While he was talking to me I kind of figured out that he is very well-experienced in his chosen field, hair styling, because he taught me a lot.

He said it would be nice if I get a hair color not brown (which I currently have), to use chestnut brown instead because it better complements my skin color. He recommended Loreal Casting, said that it similar to hair cellophane since it will make your hair shiny, and will not leave your hair with a line when the regrowth comes. Well, that is noted, thank you very much. As soon as I have time, will go rush to get myself a hair color makeover.

The Perfection Full-Bodied Detangling Spray which I want to buy soon :) 

He said that in case I use hair blower, it is very important to cool the hair using the cooling of the dryer, or even cool it using a fan. In that way, your blow-dried, styled hair will stay on longer. He used the Perfection Detangling Spray on my wet hair before blow-drying. He said it is great for detangling the hair so blow-drying will be a breeze. Also, it protects the hair from the damages caused by ironing the hair, heat from the blow-dry, or even heat from the sun if you are always out.

The beauty event will not be perfect without this photoshoot, done by professional photographers. See my perfect photo above?

Thus, the perfect day continued, as me and my goddaughter went to see my friends and headed on to The Avengers movie screening.

The "before" (see it's limp and all that)

The "after"

After the perfect long day, finally got home and I was so amazed to see my still beautiful tresses still in place, and bouncy, and light and not limp, and perfect.

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