2012 Is The Year Of The Sheer Fashion Trend

12:20 PM Chan Zubiaga 7 Comments

Indeed this year 2012, sheer has become a full-blown fashion trend, sheer tops, sheer pants, sheer maxi, everything sheer, you can see it everywhere, which I think is really an advantage, and easy to copy fashion trend in a very tropic country like ours since it's light and airy. In fact, when I attended the Philippine Fashion Week back in May, saw it was everybody's bet especially for the hot summer season we had, too bad I didn't have the courage to take pics of those pretty ladies.

Photo credits to www.thefashpack.com/
Talking about sheer bottoms, it can be casual or for evening wear. Depending on the built I guess. Like this one below from Oxygen, very appropriate to wear by the beach.

Photo credits to http://www.oxygenfashion.com/

Another 2012 fashion trend is the assymetrical skirt, some in neon colors. But I like this black one, it gives a perfect office look, comfy but trendy.

Photo credits to oohlalabellavita.blogspot.com

Hollywood is going loco over sheer, too!

Photo credits to gofugyourself.com

And of course our very own, Divine Lee here.

Photo credits to stylebible.ph

I'm also giving it a try, ho-ho. Dadann..

Need to pair it with a ultra-high platforms. Problem with sheer pants and skirts is they usually come in very high, one-size fits all, so if you're short, you can't wear it unless you wear high shoes. Now I'm telling you, platforms like this are not a deadly weapon, it is a very dangerous fashion, so be careful, ladies, if you're wearing one. But I hope I'll get used to wearing this.

Janilyn platforms

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kath said...

loving the sheer trend too :) i like your shoes! :D
following you now..


Rae said...

I prefer sheer na top over bottom clothes, my legs are stumpy kaya lalong nag-mumukhang malaki and maikli.

Lucky your legs look long :P

Cintamuni said...

thanks sis. Followed you too!

Mae Codizal said...

I'm a HUGE sheer bottom fan

Oh I'm not really into fashion trends pero thanks for sharing.. now I know why ang daming ganito ng outfits sa tv shows, parties, sa mga ngwowork..etc :) Ito na pala talaga uso

Mom Michelle said...

I love sheer! It's a risque I'd say but you have to be uber confident when you'll wear it. I'll give it a try maybe. Hey, I followed you back. :-)


Lalah said...

I love sheer too. Just finding what looks good on me. I love your shoes. :)