Health In Beauty: Lead In Lipsticks

3:14 PM Chan Zubiaga 2 Comments

Do you love red like I do? Perhaps you love red lippies, too, noh?

I stumbled across an article in Yahoo! Shine about the lead in lipsticks, and though this is not new to me, reading how bad it is for our health as stated by the FDA, I was very much alarmed and this time, I regret having bought my newest lipstick, Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Summer Sunset. It ranks number 105 from the 400 listed lipsticks found to contain lead.

How Harmful Is It?

It is said to create neurotoxins, and when you say neurotoxins, it damages the brain. How scary is that? Some may think of this as a bit of paranoia but for me, it is always better to be safe. Knowledge is power.

How to check if your lipstick has lead

I've done a little research and found out that for you to check whether your lipstick has lead, what you do is you swipe your lippy on your skin and rub on it a gold or a silver ring, or any piece of jewelry. Now if the color changes to black, then it contains lead, as easy as that. This eHow steps may help.

Well I guess I'm going to switch back to my old love, SkinFood lippies, but still need to check whether they contain lead or not, ;coz I feel that they don't. Any thoughts?

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Marie said...

Oh, I think I am going to check on my lippies if they have lead too

Jenny Lin said...

wow!! thank you for sharing this...I gotta check my lip sticks too :)