The Ultimate Skin Exfoliator?

9:59 PM Chan Zubiaga 2 Comments

Have ever heard of dry brushing? Dry brush, preferably one with soft, natural bristles, for body and for the face. Of course, brush for the face should be a extra finer.

I got my body brush from The Beauty Bar, and my face brush from The Body Shop


The reason why I tagged it as the ultimate skin exfoliator, is because of the way it helps you exfoliate. It brushes the skin to its pores! In effect, dead skin cells are removed, those that are buried on the skin surface which may not be removed that easily during shower.

Of course, I wouldn't just believe in what I have learned until I tried it. Before taking a bath, you brush your whole body, dry, okay. You will feel an instant smoothening of your skin, no kidding. I actually tested it to my bf, and he did notice the good smoothening effect, too!

Dry brushing does not only give you better exfoliation, but also, it helps your skin have better circulation of the blood, skin being the largest organ in the body, this should really be beneficial.

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Mommy Maye said...

Wow, I will try this. How often? I hope I can buy body and face brush too. Thanks!

will also try this...interesting!