Bare Beauty With Elizabeth Arden Bare Perfection

10:40 PM Chan Zubiaga 0 Comments

I don't like my makeup routines be that much complicated, though sometimes, I really do "the effort" for special occasions. I'm just a simple girl with simple makeup requirements, and yes I truly thank God for a smooth face and not having to worry with breakouts, et cetera, but at least only once in a real while. That is why I fell in love with Elizabeth Arden Bare Perfection Flawless Finish Foundation which I got from The Beauty Junkee when I've won it's anniversary giveaway last June.

Bare Perfection in Ivory Shell

still sleepy taking this shot LOL

Though I this shade is certainly whiter than my natural skin tone, I'm never going to let this one go. It's oil-free, the lightest foundation I've tried so far, very sheer, smooths out the skin, doesn't cake at all, and it's quite long-lasting as long as you don't sweat much. I don't even need to put on setting powder on it, too, as it can go on its own.

If you're looking for something that's got bang for your buck, this is it. And I'm thinking of getting one with the right shade once I empty this bottle, I can't wait.

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