Reviewing ONE Naturales Hand and Body Lotion

11:27 PM Chan Zubiaga 3 Comments

This cold December season makes me want to keep up with my skin regimen before going to bed, whole body moisturization using a lotion. I don't know if you also noticed your skin during holiday season to be more dull and dry, maybe it's because of the sweets we eat, i.e. chocolates, cake, fruit salad, kakanin, etc, those are most probably the biggest culprits. This ONE Naturales in Vanilla Almond Custard is my favorite for this time of the year.

You can buy this at Watsons department store, but I'm not really sure if you can find this exact one
because I stacked on this last year when they went on sale, and the last time I went to Watsons, I only saw the body butter and other products in the shelves so.

Scent. It's all about the scent. It smells so yummy and the scent stays on your skin for a long time! That's why this is my favorite. It has a thick consistency, the reason why it's good for this cold season (at least cold at night hehe) and really hydrates your skin.

see my ultra dry skin

moisturized skin now :)

Now first I thought the packaging was brilliant, it's in aluminum but it really gets ugly when you're halfway the tube, since it was kind of hard to press. See below. That you might not, or most probably, will not be able to consume everything to the last drop, no.

How about you, ladies? What's your favorite body lotion?

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Marie said...

I live in Baguio and my skin gets really dry because of the weather, but I think you are right. My skin gets bad (and tend to have rashes) when I eat carbs or food with sugar. Will check this product out, by the way

Allan said...

how much is this one?

Mommy Maye said...

I am using the Victoria's Secret lotion my mare gave me. It's luscious and really yummy because of the scent.

Mommy Maye2