Attention Nuffnangers Who Joined SULIT Giveaway Contest

7:45 PM Chan Zubiaga 0 Comments

I know some of you, especially in my BC bloggers circle, joined Sulit's collaboration with Nuffnang Giveaway. I would just like to draw your attention to a suspected fraud (I suspect this person as a fraud for copy-pasting some of my entrants), who seems to have just "copy pasted" some contest entries of my close friends' just to enter in his blog post! So that he can gain a LOT of entries, making it total 257+ I think. This is not fair. You see one of the criteria of judging is the number of entry comments!

Did you join this giveaway too? How would you feel if you found out that your entrants too, i.e. very close friends of yours who you're sure joined only in your blog but were "copy-pasted" for their own gain?

I feel sad really, since I have really, really worked my ass to convince my friends to join and this is what I will discover, thanks to a concerned friend who brought this to my attention!

Check this blog if your friend entries were also copied in here:

I encourage you all to check that out and report it to Nuffnang.

My blog entry by the way, is here and you can still join until March 5!

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