Marks & Spencer Summer 2013 Fashion Show

10:46 PM Chan Zubiaga 35 Comments

Marks & Spencer Philippines held a successful Summer 2013 collection fashion show at the Shangri-la Plaza atrium, and I was one of the privileged Nuffnang bloggers to witness the event.

I wore my sheer palazzo pants to the show and a nice summer necklace to make my look in season.

The photographer/blogger :)

Okay, now let the photos do all the talking. Present in the show are the colors of summer: corals and blues, coral pink, coral red and hues of blue like cobalt blue and cyan. Also present are summer prints, florals and nautical stripes. The collection really spells s-u-m-m-e-r, and I was actually impressed and
inspired by the outfits I've seen. They really make a statement that is summer is all about fun.

Scrolldown to view the slideshow of the 119 photos I took during the fashion show.

-slideshow above-

Be "Hue" This Summer With Marks & Spencer

Give in to comfort and style, without missing the elegance with fashion essentials from Classic. Coordinate your spring and summer wardrobe in stand-out prints and seasonal colors of blue, greens, gray, and black.

blue colored jeggings

green colored jeggings

magenta colored jeggings

Laundered Neon Summer Trend

Choose the color that best represents your style and pick from all the Marks & Spencer SS2013 collection made especially to bring out the best 'hue' this season.

Summer 2013 Tennessee Trend

Summer 2013 Tennessee Trend

Summer 2013 Tennessee Trend

Men's Summer Holiday

Going back to the fashion show, did you check the slideshow from above? Here are my personal favorites:

Beach shorts :)

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I love the collection, especially those colored jeans and stripes! :) You should have a full-body OOTD, too. hehe

Wow, you were there pala! i am not a fashion blogger but when I received the invite from nuffnang, I wanted to go! hihi! but I was not able to make it. glad you posted the pics here! Those are really, really nice summer outfits! and oh by the way, your necklace is love! very summer-y! :-)

jellybelly said...

Ang gaganda! I love M & S! The clothes are classic and I'm still wearing M&S clothes I bought almost 10 years ago.

Aileen A said...

Just as I thought, the place looks familiar...Shangrila nga hehehe... Nice!

eLLa (r) said...

What a nice necklace you got. M&S has a nice line but too expensive for my budget.

I love the collection. I love the stripes and the colored pants especially! :) I could see myself wearing those soon! :)

Cym Marzan said...

I like the flowy dresses, so perfect for summer! This collection is great, especially the blocks of colors!

reese said...

congrats for covering the fashion show
i also like the collection, i like the colored pants

I saw you tweet about this. This is such a fab show! I love the striped pants. :D

Yeay!! so nice to meet you Chan!! :))
btw gusto ko yung slideshow effect ah! great job!. Hope to see you soon dear ♥ btw followed you on GFC para laging updated sa iyong blog :))

Michael Macalos

Chan Zubiaga said...

Thanks all and thanks @Michael Macalos nice meeting you too :) I will be going to the Bloggers United bka mgkita ulit tayo don hehe

Such eye candy! i love the splashes of color!

Gorgeous collection! I love the combination of the colors..:) ganda talaga superb!

gorgeous colors, i like the pants

I love M&S! Basic designs yet comfy and stylish!

Farida said...

You attended pala, sis! It must be a delight to see pretty faces with gorgeous clothes on. BTW, would you like us to follow each other?

Leslie said...

That's the kind of style I like. Colors and more colors! I love it! I love attending fashion shows too

Allan said...

Nice summer outfits. Love the one in the poster for men too.

Mommy Maye said...

Ang gaganda and ang sexy ng mga models. The flowy dresses look comfy and cool.

Mommy Maye

caty said...

wow, you cover the show - that is so amazing. I love to do that too soon - if i established my fashion site:)

aby ♥ said...

wow.. you attended.. too bad i dont have the chance to be there.. i hope soon! :) lovely photos!

Mys Laguitao said...

Great job on your coverage! I love the stripe pants. It looks slimming!

tet ^0^ said...

Wonderful collection and i like your necklace. ^_^

JanzCrystalz said...

Nice event!

Those are really lovely outfit. Must be so cool to be at such an event.

It's an event for the eyes. Summery colors is love!

Vera said...

I love M&S because they have my size! Lol. I just have to be prepared to really spend a lot if I were to shop there again. Thanks for sharing photos :)

KRIZZA said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. All their summer collection outfits are nice. Pang summer talaga.

lovely collection summer na summer talaga.. i love the stripe collection more

JanzCrystalz said...

Lovely collection. Summer na summer nga! :)

Mylene said...

The necklace is eye-catching. Elegant talaga ang mga M&S clothes kaso quite expensive din.

Ron Leyba said...

What a summer fashion show! How I wish I can witness such event personally!

Is this the invite from nuffnang? Well nice photos great that you were there and covered the event.

Olga said...

I sooo love summer colors! The best thing about living in the tropics is that you can wear summer colors all year round. :)

kat said...

Will have to look for colored jeans. They are bursting in colors. So much fun to see.