This Moment is Absolutely Perfect

3:24 PM Chan Zubiaga 1 Comments

This moment right here, right now, is absolutely perfect. Do you have air to breathe? Can you see the world around you? Can you hear? Do you have a home, or a shelter? Do you have water to drink? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this moment right here, right now, is absolutely perfect. Just realizing that you are alive at this very moment, is a lot to be thankful for.

There will always be problems arising in our own lives and it might seem to be unending, or on the larger scope of things, problems everywhere around the world. Realize that we don't have much control on things. Once you learn to accept things as they are, you can then let go of your fears, let go of your worries. There is a God that takes care of all of these things.

Now, think about this moment right here, right now, isn't it perfect? Just breathe. Savor every moment, enjoy it. This moment is absolutely perfect.

Be in the present. Live it. It's all yours.

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Right! We should really be thankful to God for even the simple yet priceless moments of our lives.