My Hair Color and Personality

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      What is your hair color and personality?

Personalities have long been attributed to one's hair color, and I think it doesn't matter if it is your natural hair color or not. Like for example, blondes, they say blondes have the most fun. I want to believe it's true if I think about Marilyn Monroe or Madonna (naturally brunette), Paris Hilton (naturally brunette), or Gwen Stefani. I think these girls are really fun and sweet and have a lot of guts.

But for me, I love my natural hair color which is black. I may try to color it once in a while but I enjoy it most when it is black and here's why.

                           This is me having fun in the water, Bais Bay, Negros Oriental. What does this picture tell you about me?

Girls with black hair like me likes to have fun too, but we are more demure and modest, if you like, and subtle. We are rarely straightforward and usually beats around the bush when it comes to conversations. We like to be romantic and poetic and have this sense of drama.

They say that we are deep.Personally, I like solitude and silence. I like to reflect and enjoy the beauty of nature. I am very in touch with nature and with myself.

I am very savvy, too. And I like learning new things, especially those things which are beneficial to my endeavors. I am very entrepreneurial. In fact, I have a small business of my own.

How about you, what is your hair color and personality?Are you bored with your life and your hair color? You can try Madison Reed, and pick a different hair color for a change. They have a wide selection that is tailor-made to suit every hair color, type and skin tone.


Personalized hair color recommendation

Madison Reed has a personalized hair color recommendation depending on your hair type. Is it naturally wavy, black, or color-treated? Mine recommendation for my hair type is this: Venezia Brown

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