5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

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Most people gain weight during the holidays not because of the many parties attended and pigging out but because of stress. Surprise, surprise! Because of stress, our metabolism works very poorly and our immune system compromised.

Boosting our immunity is very important in managing this so-called holiday stress. If you have good immune system, your body is most likely to handle stress better. While I truly believe that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in everything, here are the basic tips on how to boost your immune system:

1. Take Fern-C sodium ascorbate. Unlike the regular ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate stays within the body longer which is beneficial when you consider its antioxidant value. And because vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells and antibodies, it is a very important component in boosting the immune system.

Since I am such a fan of this brand, let me share with you these links to know more about Fern-C.

Fern-C is an effective immune-system booster and a potent anti-oxidant. It hastens wound healing, beneficial for healthy teeth and gums, bones and connective tissues and it increases body resistance to infectious diseases

2. Eat yogurt. I swear by this from personal experience. Whenever I feel like I'm going to catch a cold, I eat yogurt or Yakult. Probiotics do a lot of wonder in keeping your gut healthy, which in turn, boosts your immune system and keeps the mind clear, too!

3. Meditate. There are many findings that prove meditation boosts our antibodies and stimulates the brain-function region that commands the immune system of the body. Try to do this every morning after waking up for just 2 minutes.

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4. Get enough sleep. Enough said.

5.  Catch some rays. Deficiency in vitamin D increases susceptibility to infections and autoimmune diseases. It is also linked to depression especially in countries where there is no ample sunshine. Cheers for this reason to go out. In fact, I'd advise you to go out often! But wear your sunscreen, of course and/or your hat ;)

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