The Most Gorgeous Kylie Lip Kit Tint

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First of all, I would like to praise Kylie Jenner for doing what she does when it comes to her makeup
business. I mean, this eyeshadow palette for example is to die for. Like, I'd pick these same nine shades out of a thousand hues. Real genius.

Talking about the lip kits, I browsed the selection and they are all gorgeous for me but if I would only pick one, that would be Exposed.

A swatch of Exposed was on her Instagram, look:

from @kyliejenner

Exposed Lip Kit is a warm, mid-tone beige hue and I think it is the most gorgeous of them all. Is it just me, or she is actually wearing it in this photo below?

from @kyliejenner

Just a last word for Kylie, keep it up, honey! ;) (clap, clap, clap!)

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