Dare Your Senses Into a Moroccan Skin Treat

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I woke up today with a not-so-good mood. I feel like a lot in the universe is just not going right today it sucks. I felt I want to be fierce, let nobody get in my way today, or else I'll eat it. I was looking for something to perk me up in the bath, then I thought of having a Moroccan argan oil skin treat: TBS' (The Body Shop) Spa Wisdom Morocco Black Olive & Argan Oil Scrub.

At first, I remember how bad or maybe, strong it smells, really. But then again, I told myself, why not? This is what I actually needed now. I took the tub and scrubbed away my bad mood. Affterwards, I felt fearless.

This body scrub is not your typical sweet-smelling scrub. If it's the first time you're going to smell it, you'll feel like you're going to have a headache, really. Imagine, I went to work with it's smell still lingering on my skin, I can still sniff it in two hours, haha! For some reason this is just one of those days I appreciate strong scents like this that reminds me that I am a strong woman, and that I can handle and overcome just about anything, even if the world is turning upside-down.

A Backgrounder On The Moroccan Argan Oil

It's just today that I have learned the reason why it smells that bad is because of the argan oil, an exotic oil produced from the argan tree fruit (nut) in Morocco. It is its natural smell. Back in the old days, or until now actually, goats there eat the fruit of the argan tree, it's their favorite. Remember the old Filipino saying, amoy kambing (smells like a goat)? I don't know if there's any significance. But I really think that is the reason why this argan oil has this rancid smell.

The Berber people (indigenous tribe in Morocco) use the Moroccan argan oil for food and cosmetics, since it is long been known and proven to have natural anti-aging properties. Ooh-la-la! Now that's the good part. It's all in the name of beauty. Calling out on all adventurous kikays out there!

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Leslie said...

Im in love with scrubs and definitely do this every week!