I Call This Himala (miracle), the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Mud Pack

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This facial mask sits in my toiletries basket for a while now, but it's only recently when I truly have discovered its magic. I had a couple freaking ugly pimples two weeks ago all over my face, sort of like on the forehead, in front of my right cheek just under the eyes, and then a large one on the right part of the chin. Disgusting, really, and to make things worse, I did something really, really wrong. Himalaya mud mask was the only one that saved my face.

Here's what happened. One awful day,  I noticed that my current Neutrogena facial wash is out already, I resorted to use my travel pack korean-branded (Etude House) peeling wash. Peeling!  And the fact that I just put some acne gel on it like a couple of times! The last thing I want to do is make the skin more sensitive when I have pimples, especially when it's under acne treatment (using my acne gel) but maybe I just wasn't myself that very moment.

You can imagine, my face swollen, literally swollen on the parts where I've got pimples. And I go to work, looking like  a monster, thinking when will this suffering end. Bad, so bad. I realized I dont need to put anything on my face until it heals, but the pimple areas been peeled pretty badly.

Good thing I tried using this mud pack. I was thinking, I wasn't going to wash my face anytime soon, meaning using any kind of facial wash, because I was sort of in a kind of trauma, but let me just try this mask. And I was surprised, because it's so gentle, I didn't wait 10-15 minutes as it instructed me to do, but just after 5-or-so minutes, I washed it and it gave me a clean feeling.  It is so mild you feel it, especially after using it, you'll definitely look prettier, ehem. After several uses for one week now, I felt good and I realized I would use this as my facial wash everyday. Now my face is back.

I didn't believe in it when I first bought it, having used it like once every two weeks only, I didn't see its power. Maybe because it is very cheap, about php 200 or so for I think 150 ml. But now I do definitely! And I must rejoice that it's so cheap. And it's organic, made from natural mud, so it's naturally safe, and chemical-free. Ayurvedic herbals rock!

To see more info about the Himalaya Herbals, go here: http://www.himalayahealthcare.com/. It is available through all Watsons in SM departments stores. They also distribute their products in all over Asia and worldwide.

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