I've found the ONE! O.N.E. Naturales.

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Yeah, I know I  saw this already many times at Watsons area in SM department store. But this is the only time I get to know O.N.E. Naturales. O.N.E. stands for Organic, Natural and Eco-friendly. Just because I'm so kikay and thrifty at the same time, but don't get me wrong, this brand is a luxury line of beauty and bath products, just so happen I caught them on sale! Everything for only 199php! Now how's that? If you love natural products etc, or simply kikay, you better check these products now!

These are the items I purchased yesterday at Megamall:

Use this solid bar after  shower.  It is advisable that you dry yourself first before applying. A solid bar that actually replaces that bottled body oil of yours! I smell lavender in this, so it's really good before sleeping as it calms your senses into a good night sleep. It is not at all sticky or "malagkit" as it dries up in about less than an hour, very quickly absorbed by the body, which is good, actually. And I feel a little menthol too which cools the body, and makes this bar best after exposing your skin to the sun.

The second product the I loved right after seeing and smelling, is this coconut body butter. The smell really got me here. Plus, I know that natural coconut milk is good for my skin. I can smell here pure  coconut milk. I tested using it for the whole body before going to work. It works like a real body butter which is also absorbed by the body in less than an hour, where the grease disappears. It made my skin glowing, other than the fact that I did some scrubbing in the bath, I know that this product has done me something. Although the good smell of coconut milk fades away rather quicker than the grease does, it's okay for me. Btw, this is retailed at 629php (original price that is, before I snagged it for only 199php!)

This one, I haven't tried yet. But I can't wait to go home from work to see if it passes my taste. Package-wise, it really got me with it's so sweet smell, you know, honey! Plus, I know this is a must-try for me since the promo lady who introduced me these products noted that, this honey bar soap is best for those with sensitive skin i.e. skin allergies or bites after taking shower? I'm not really sure but I'm dying to try this one.

Aren't they cute? That gorgeous package and the intoxicating smell really has something to be in the top line of all the best natural beauty product lines here in the Philippines. O.N.E. Naturales is on sale until end of the month, August 2011, at SM Megamall. I haven't checked it yet if they will be on sale with other branches, I do not know since it wasn't posted anywhere in their site: http://www.onenaturales.com/. But do check out their products.

Other products that I remember available are: solid lotions, solid shampoo, solid conditioner (cute!), specifically formulated with anti-dandruff, for colored hair, one to reduce hairfall, calming bar soaps, bar that reduces stretch marks, and even lip balms.

I also fell inlove with these and planning to buy on my next visit, probably on Wednesday:

I will definitely stack up on a couple of these!

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