Ready To Face What 2012 Has In Store For Me

11:09 AM Chan Zubiaga 0 Comments

I'm so throwing all of the garbage I have accumulated the past year 2011. That includes throwing away all those beautiful O.N.E. Naturales packaging of the ones I've used up already i.e., lotion, body scrub, soap, body butter. All of the excess baggage, too, you all need to go. :) It's going to be a new me on 2012.

O.N.E. Naturales products still occupy one-third of my toiletries, so a few of them products I haven't blogged about yet will have the privelege to be on spotlight this year, here on my blog. Aside from that, I am so ready to try on some new beauty products this year, and will have  to highlight a few more Korean products.

This year, I promise myself to wear makeup everyday, to look more polished, more sophisticated. Hello to a more beautiful me.

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