The Power Duo On Your Morning Facial Ritual

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2010 I think is the year when I saw I already have my fine lines on my face especially under the eyes. That time, I also noticed my facial complexion becoming worse everyday, and i started to have pimples and of course, pimple marks! I even went to a dermatologist to consult how to remove those ugly pimple marks. They were dark so I always needed to put concealer over it just to hide the ugliness.

Well, I don't want that to happen anymore. So what I did was I tried using toner and moisturizer on top of my daily facial cleanser. And it worked. I bought korean-branded toners (simply because they are milder to my face compared to the locally manufactured brands). I usually test a couple, or rather, use a different toner at different times, depending on my mood. Good thing they don't mess up, they don't give me any irritations whatsoever.

This morning, what I used as a toner is Skin Food's Agave Cactus toner.

The reason why I'm frowning is because I find it hard to take my own pic using my new phone.

 It's cool on the face and it clears out the pores on the face right after washing. The reason why we need to put on moisturizeris one, our skin needs hydration; two, after using a toner, the skin is somewhat dried out (although Skin Food toners doesn't completely dry the skin out). And this morning, I used my newly bought skin essence as a skin moisturizer. It is I think only available locally, but claims it is manufactured in Korea. Pure Beauty's Pomegranate antioxidant essence.

I'm not sure what's the difference between a moisturizer, essence, or an emulsion. Well, I also use emulsion as a moisturizer, too, and actually stopped buying the ones tagged as "moisturizer." But I think it is in the composition of the liquid how they are classified. I had read somewhere that in tropical countries (like in Manila), it is better to use an emulsion instead of a moisturizer.

Put on some sunblock, too. Have a good one, everyone!

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Marie said...

Skinfood products are good though they are kind of over priced.