Dainty Nails For This Rainy Summer

5:41 PM Chan Zubiaga 1 Comments

It's almost summer in Manila, err, it is already summer, no? At times, it's very, very hot and humid, and on days like today, oh well, it's raining. So much for the confusion, at least we are so blessed of having been able to withstand this radical weather. And for that, I would like to share with you my summer 2012 nail color picks, with my guide how to use nail stickers.

The Look

Nail color picks:

1. Base coat, Ellianto
2. Lavender nail polish, The Face Shop
3. Top coat, Ellianto
4. Nail polish in nude, Etude House

If you notice, Ellianto was once in SM department stores Watsons area, but was pulled out for some reason.
I guess you can't find it anywhere in Manila now. Too bad, I think their nail care are of good quality. They even have skin care products, i.e. emulsions.

Going back to the nail story, you can do your own pedicure if you have these at home:

I learned this on my own, after a couple of years of DIY-ing. First, of course, you need to clean up those cuticles. For me I don't use cuticle remover liquid, that's just my preference. I remove the cuticles even if the skin is dry. You then need to use a nail file to perfect the shape of your nails to your liking, and remove any rough edges.

When the nails are ready, you can now start by putting on the base coat to smooth out the surface:

You can now put on the lavender nail polish and make two coats. And to make it more dainty and more kikay, I actually used some dainty nail stickers, before putting the top coat.

Now, if you're going to use nail stickers, make sure that you're also putting at least two coats of the top coat polish for full coverage. In that way, your polish can last at least three days or so.

cute :)
As for my manicure, I used the nude nail polish from Etude House.

Have a wonderful summer, ladies!

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Very pretty nail art. I love the color as well. Count me in as your new follower..:)