My Facial Toner Story

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This is my facial toner story. After trying out so many different toners, I've found these favorites (in order) seen below. First, the facial freshener, or facial toner of the Collagen Moistfull product line of Etude House.

Etude House Collagen Moistfull
Application was a breeze after removing the bottle stopper, make sure you use a cotton to wipe allover the face and neck. The liquid is a little thicker than regular alcohol-based toners. This one is almost gel-type, in my opinion.
I super love the sweet scent it leaves my face actually, makes me feel beautiful everytime. And, it doesn't fail to deliver! It doesn't irritate your skin, no redness whatsoever for it is too mild, I could even recommend it for teeners. It doesn't leave your face very tight, just toned and sweet-smelling.

Second, after finishing my Etude House bottle, I purchased this Nature Republic Polynesia Lagoon Water from an online store. Reason why I chose this one this time around among other toners available, is because of the packaging, I so love the cute blue bottle.

Nature Republic Polynesia Lagoon Water
It's amazing because it's round, and in my opinion, elegant. I even kept the box this whole while. And I didn't want to throw the empty bottle too. I think I'm going to keep it as a collection.

This Nature Republic one is alcohol-based, but still, mild enough for my sensitive skin. It has that cool aquatic scent with it, which I also liked. I was thinking of trying out the Polynesia Lagoon Water cream in the future, I think it's a good one too.

Third, the SkinFood Potiron au Lait toner. Now that I just recently finished the Polynesia Lagoon Water toner, I thought it's time to try out this Potiron au Lait toner. If you have read in one of my previous posts, on the Potiron au Lait eye cream, oh how I love that eye cream! Well, it didn't disappoint, this toner is as mild and as yummy-smelling as the eye cream that I got.

SkinFood Potiron au Lait
 This SkinFood one is also non-alcohol-based, and I can say that it equals the mildness of the Etude House one. The liquid is quite similar too. It's yummy, I'm really into it. I can't say anything more. It's a must-try.

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