Etude House Playhouse Pink Fair 2012

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 The Etude Playhouse date finally arrived. I chose to wear my animal print sheer dress for the event,
and chose a natural makeup look since it's a very hot day I don't want to pile up on too much.


My cousin, chaperone, photographer

Their theme is, "Wanna be sweet? Play Etude"

I love everything about the Playhouse setup, starting from this very cute wall. Of course, I wrote on it. Who wouldn't?

Thanks to Instagram for Android. So for the inside the Pink Fair, it's only me and my phone as my camera, because my dear cousin was an outcast. Too bad we didn't have two tickets. Anyway, I'm sure he did enjoy waiting for me outside.

There are freebies like, pop corn, macaroons, ice cream. Also, of course, it wouldn't be a beauty event without the makeover session, which I stood in line for more than two hours! I was bored and kind of hoping they could have more beauticians available to handle the crowd. But, yes, those are for improvements in the future.

The makeover area

The ballerina, who tirelessly, stood, smiled and danced all throughout the event!

More KPOP on the big LCD

The photobooth

The grand prize, with matching eyelashes!

And here in the picture below, Mr. Boram Kim of Etude House was giving a speech, or seminar, if you like, on how is the skin care regimen should be. He said that the foundation of beauty is having a proper skin care. Check!

He pointed out that if you have an oily skin, you must really, really need to use a toner. An audience asked if a toner is different from an astringent. He said that an astringent tightens up your pores, and he emphasized that toners has the same effect but is milder. I actually agree with him.

He explained the differences between a lotion, emulsion, cream, essence and serum. He also recommended their products that are best for this very humid weather in the Philippines.

When you look up, you'll see the Etude House store, with a huge LCD streaming videos of the famous makeup vloggers, which I found entertaining, especially that I was standing in line for a free makeover.

The crowd

And oh, is this Janna Lopez, the beauty vlogger, at my back? She is really pretty.

I didn't pushed through with the makeover. It took me two hours to change my mind. So I just grabbed my free mag. Thanks, MEG!

And thanks, Etude House for the experience. Sad that I didn't wait for the games. I heard it was so much fun, but maybe next time, haha!

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Jannah said...

Thank you! That was a very candid shot! I hope we knew each other at that time so more "formal" (LOL!) photo of us was taken.


Tweeted this link, I hope it's ok with you. I wasn't able to tag you since you don't have twitter acc posted here in your blog. Stay safe :)