Coming Home To Mandaue Foam

11:59 AM Chan Zubiaga 1 Comments

So what's new? News is that The Bourne Legacy is going to be on the big screen in August. Well, I guess that's no news for you.

Have you heard of Mandaue Foam yet? This one is making news too!

Mandaue Foam, a company which started as a foam manufacturer in Cebu,  has rapidly grown over the past 40 years because of its commitment to provide its customers with quality and value for money products. Mandaue Foam aims to provide very affordable and high quality foam and furniture products to the Filipino people.

Though admittedly, the brand is kind of new to my ears, when I visited their site I was wow-ed by wide range of beautiful furniture and home decor it offers.

My Top 3 Mandaue Foam (Your home, your imagination) Finds

1. M36 Circles Mirror
This mirror 62.5 cm (roughly 24 inches), is very chic and contemporary, that can be used as an additional
accent to your living room or bedroom, actually. What do you think? It's very cheap too, for only 1,500php.

2. A1077 Swan Couple Silver With White
This swan figure, which is very commonly seen as  a wooden figurine, is also cute and has captured my imagination.

3. Felt Big Flower Cushion
For only 100php, this is such a steal. I'm speechless. Talk about aesthetics, pretty gorgeous, eh?

Those are my picks. Now it's your turn to check out Mandaue Foam,, and share us your best bets!


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Inigo Boy said...

We're moving houses in a week's time and I'm sure my parents would appreciate these graet finds :) Thanks for the share :D