Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

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I am inlove with fun and adventure movies above all, I admit. And if I were to play in my own movie, I would be a stubborn but big-hearted, clumsy but gutsy queen of Numidia. Who doesn't love pirate movies? And so the plot of my story is below, and it is of my own writing, by the way so enjoy reading!

Queen of Numidia: The Pirate Queen

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The story is about the Queen of Numidia who disguised herself as a man and tried to forget all the fine things she had as a royal. She was searching for the long lost king of Numidia who traveled long ago but mysteriously
disappeared at the time of extreme chaos on earth. This was a time after the world economies crashed, technology gone, as there are no more electricity because the electric grid of the earth was all damaged by a perfect solar storm. Many wars had been fought, civilization had fallen again, everything went back to hunter-gatherer set-up.

She traveled to places, only with the royal chef, who fortunately knows a lot about survival. The royal chef becomes her teacher then thought her to fight using daggers, slingshots (tirador), and hand-made bow and arrows. She finds her brother along the way and they became a troop, she being the leader, from the Numidian mountains until they reached the vast Arabian sea where they eventually met different land and sea creatures they didn't thought they'd see at this age and time.

They eventually find a group of pirates and later joins them to be their ally. They later realize that the pirate leader of that other group was actually the long lost King of Numidia, as he was first unrecognizable, not just physically, but mainly because of his changed beliefs and totally changed personality. The king who was once a proud being, was humbled by time and by the luminaries he met in his mysterious journey before this very serendipity. The queen then revealed herself to the king. The story ends when the king tells the queen about his mysterious adventure.

Did you have fun? I hope so :) And what doubles the fun while watching movies is none other than Kettle Korn pop corns! Kettle Korn definitely makes watching movies poppin' fun all the time! And I couldn't agree more! Just the smell of pop corns alone, completes the ambience and puts everyone into "movie mood" even just before the movie starts, am I right?

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