My Year-End Holiday Look

9:07 AM Chan Zubiaga 13 Comments

I'm still new in makeups so forgive me if it isn't so polished. This was actually my look I created last Year-end office party on December held at The 7th High Club. I didn't attend any fancy party this New Year's Eve since I just stayed at home with my mom and little brother, so technically this is my last LOOK of 2012.

The stones I used as face ornament are actually nail art stones :p

This is my nail art, using nail art stones from Etude House.

So there, the year just passed by so quickly, no? I thinking I'm going to do a lot more experiment in makeup and nail art next year if time permits. My new year's resolution? I'm still thinking about it, but mainly, I want to be better than myself last year or a few years back :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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reese said...

you are pretty gorgeous!
i like the nail art stone
happy new year ms chan

the make is perfectly done for me for a newbie.. I am a newbie in nail art.. happy new year!!

Marie said...

I love Etude House and Skin Food too (although I do more shopping at Etude because it is much cheaper). Happy New Year!

Pretty!!! I love the make-up and the nail art.
Happy New Year!

Mommy Maye said...

I agree with them. You are pretty. I love the blue shade of your nail art.

Happy New Year!

You really look great. And I love the nails.. :)

KRIZZA said...

I love that look! Your nail art is fabulous!

Farida said...

Great look :D

How did you apply the nail art stones on your nails and face? Are they easy to remove? Btw, would you like us to be each other's follower?

Jhari said...

Love what you did with your nails. I wish I have the same talent when it comes to make-up.

Wow, BLUE! But I like the "diamonds" on your nail!

Cintamuni said...

I would love to follow you guys yes!

I used the same glue they use for false eyelashes to glue the stones on my face. On the otherhand for the nails, you just put it on wet, newly-applied polish and topping it with a top coat.

Vera said...

Beautiful! Do share your makeup and nail art more often please :)

anne lei said...

That's a good idea in nail art and looks so simple to do.