My Esprit Summer 2013 Sunglasses

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How's your summer so far? I know it's nearing the rainy season here in Manila, but I'm not yet done with my summer getaways as I still have a scheduled summer solstice trip on June 20-ish :)  My old sunnies have chipped off so I bought a new pair from George Optical shop.

The one that I bought is from Esprit's summer 2013 collection. Check out some of the styles below:

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What do you think about the collection? 

The styles are very chic and comfy-looking, perfect for a youthful and stylish look. I picked one of those cat's eye shaped sunnies.

oversized cat's eye shaped sunnies

Eyes are the windows of the soul, right? Needless to say we ought to protect it with quality pair of shades to protect it from glare and harmful UV rays of the sun, especially when you travel. This is definitely one of those things we need to invest in. Agree?

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Great post! I'm your new follower. I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Thanks! Kisses from VV!!

Those sunglasses in the advert look so good! And you made a great choice. :*
All the best from super hot Berlin,

Jana & Vanessa

jessica said...

love them they're gorge! <3 <3

I hope summer isnt over.. And speaking of summer, i would like to invite you on my blog summer international giveaway. I hope you could rop by and join. Btw, i like your blog and i follow.

Here's the link:

Thank you