Oil Pulling For Beauty And Good Health

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Want a whiter teeth and a good, clear skin? Check. Want to get rid of chronic illnesses such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis, heart, kidney and lung diseases, high blood pressure, stiff joints, arthritis, thrombosis,encephalitis, meningitis, Alzheimer’s, constipation, migraines, mouth and gum diseases (of course), leukemia, menopause, diabetes and many others? Check. Whew! Why don't you try oil pulling? It can even prevent AIDS and cancer.

So what is oil pulling and how it benefits the body?
Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique used for detoxification and rejuvenation of the body. It is basically swishing oil inside your mouth instead of a mouthwash. What it does is it removes the different kinds of bacteria that resides and deep-set in the mouth. As you are aware these bacteria can easily travel from the mouth through the veins to the different parts of the body and cause illnesses. So oil-pulling can really have a very beneficial impact in our overall health if done regularly.

How to do oil pulling
You can use any kind of oil, you may opt to use virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, sunflower oil, even canola or palm oil will do. It is best done in the morning. Use one to one-half tablespoon of oil and swish it for about 20 minutes. I know it's kinda long, and you will have to put up not to swallow any of the liquid (as it contains a lot of bacteria), and don't gargle. After 20 minutes, spit it out and rinse a few more times. You will feel as if your mouth is thoroughly clean and even your tongue, it will feel squeaky clean even before you brush your teeth. I would suggest to do this only once a week or twice a week only, because it might make your teeth sensitive if done more than that.

Is it time for you to switch from your usual mouthwash to this ancient practice? Well, it's for you to find out. But then again, you cannot do this everyday as I said earlier, I suggest doing it for once or twice a week only :)

Helpful resources (Read a whole lot of testimonials here from those who tried this technique): Oil Pulling: An Ayurvedic Secret for Whole Health!

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Farida said...

This is the first time I heard about oil pulling. I think I can't do this. I dislike the taking in any oil after experiencing castor oil in the past to supposedly help the constipated.

My first time to hear about oil pulling also, I think I can try this one and see the result.