Let's Rock The Boat Shoes!

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If you haven't been wearing boat shoes, then you may be missing a major fashion must-have, as these are shoes that never go out of style. There are actually many ways to wear it than you might think, may it be casual or dressy. You can wear it basically on any occasion. Zalora Philippines offers a selection of Sperry top-sider shoes to choose from, for both men and women, some of which are currently offered at a discount. Yey!

So how to wear the boat shoes? Simple. Because boat shoes is such a classic, it gives you theflexibility and freedom to play up with your outfit and still look good and fashionable. If you wanted to wear shorts and a shirt with or without a collar, you'll do very fine. Wear that same pair of shoes with your trousers and blazer to a date night, you'll look gorgeous, definitely. The same is true for the ladies. Even if you wish to pair it with your ankle-length maxi or your skater dress, you will look effortlessly fashionable.

Sperry Top-Sider BAHAMA
1. Sperry Top-Sider Bahama from Zalora

Sperry Corduroy Boat Shoes
2. Sperry Corduroy Boat Shoes from Zalora

3. Sperry Top-Sider AO 2 EYE BURNISHED BOAT SHOES from Zalora

Sperry Cruiser 3 Eye
4. Sperry Cruiser 3 Eye from Zalora

Sperry Top-Sider Lola
5. Sperry Top-Sider Lola from Zalora

Sperry Top-Sider Hayden
6. Sperry Top-Sider Hayden from Zalora

So many ways to rock the boat shoes isn't it?

Photo credits to lookbook.nu/adrianp, lookbook.nu/sephcham, blog.trashness.com, thedustontheground.com, curatingstyle.com, coolspotters.com

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I love top siders because they look good on almost anything and they are so comfy too! Its a must in my shoe rack!

Farida said...

I had this back when I was still in the university and it was also very comfortable. This is timeless fashion!

Perfect shoes to have. It looks nice and comfy. I should get one sometime soon:)

my son is into this... how many does he have? ...mmm... I had to look for it at SM MOA and found it at the department store. He had a specific color combo he wanted. It is so much easier now online. As for me, I prefer heels to add height!

Oooh I love Sperry topsiders! Just wait until I have the budget for them haha!

Aileen A said...

I love wearing these foot wears...very comfy, rugged yet still stylish.

I want to have one... Maybe next year I'll have a budget.. hehehe

tet ^0^ said...

I got 2 flats from Zalora last week. Also got it with a discount. Hehe. :)

Those are pretty comfy shoes. I always preferred flat shoes. I will browse more at Zalora later.

I am wearing one of this. Actually, this is my daily working shoes. It is really comfortable.

Allan said...

This type of shoes was already in fashion since I was a kid and until now, they are still in the market. Actually I want to owe one too.

kat said...

I love wearing this type of shoes. It is so comfortable. I actually have two pairs- not sperry topsider though.

Jhari said...

These are top siders right? I love to have one. It looks so comfortable.

Farida said...

I went to The Block yesterday and I found their shop with interesting pieces. I was tempted to get myself one. Ang gaganda!

The shoes look nice but I really wonder if they were that comfortable as I had a few and it "bites"

Blake is my fashion icon! Look how stylish she is even in a simple get-up. I guess I must grab a pair of boat shoes too.

Are boat shoes the one that we call top siders back then? I remember having one or two when I was in high school. My mom bought me. That time, I was a super, SUPER shy girl and I thought that the style was too much for me. But then, I got used to it and I realized that it was actually a simple yet stylish shoes, and not to mention, comfy too. :-)


I would love to have one of this shoes if there is green.lol.

Linnor Rapes said...

hubby loves wearing boat shoes... if i find a pair that would look good on my long feet, why not? they do look nice and basic.

RoSe said...

sperry top siders are a classic fashion piece. and yes, they look good on any outfit. i'd love to own one as well just for variation on my footwear.

eof777 said...

These are very popular with the college set in the USA and, yes, they are becoming more and more of a mainstream fashion statement. I love the colorful moccasins/driving shoes and wear them when I feel like being totally casual. Beautiful shots.