Moments of Confidence With Garnier Light Complete

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How do you celebrate unforgettable moments with confidence? It always starts with feeling good from the inside and out. There's nothing like feeling good inside, you know just having fun, enjoying the sun and not taking yourself seriously.

I love traveling, I would live to do a lot if time and resources permit. Let me take my first ever visit to Boracay last summer solstice as an example, with my friends which turned out to be a very memorable event. It is memorable because first of all, I'm with the nicest people around, my friends. Second, I love the beach, period. Thirdly, the experience enriches you, or in layman's terms, it makes you richer. Just kidding. But yeah, going to new places broadens your view of the world, so yeah go out!

These photographs and memories? Precious. I wanted to do a repeat, but maybe not Boracay. There's still a lot of places to be discovered in the Philippines. How about diving in Anilao? Haha! Wherever it may be, I might as well bring along with me my Garnier Light Complete. As when Garnier says it will instantly brighten your complexion, well it really does! I think it suits well in this kind of climate now that we are in the colder months. No more dull skin complexion because of the cold weather.

  • Enriched with active ingredients such as Pure Lemon Essence and SnowPine™ Whitesource, the Garnier Light Complete Extra UV Protection offers measurable fairness in 14 days and helps reduce 3 kinds of spots: acne marks, dark spots and sun freckles.
  • It also instantly makes complexion brighter. Day after day, the skin is fairer and dark spots fade out.
  • It has the proven power of:
    • PURE LEMON ESSENCE to gently exfoliate and help remove dead cells
    • SNOWPINE WHITESOURCE, a revolutionary whitening ingredient derived from a powerful molecule that exists naturally in pine trees. It has ten times more whitening efficacy than Vitamin C* to act on melanin synthesis at the source*.
    • SPF 17/PA++ to better protect the skin from further darkening caused by daily UVA and UVB rays.

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Merry Christmas to you and your family!

eof777 said...

You look happy in those shots... Travel is such fun and does make us "richer." Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

Chan Zubiaga said...

Happy new year, ladies!!

Hina Naz said...

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True, if only we could all travel somewhere everyday! I use Garnier products, too, because I like the mild smell. :-)

I once tried Garnier. It suits me though I find it hard to find one kasi kaya I didn't use it again. You looks so fab sis :)

Mommy Maye

Sometimes, it takes a lot to become confident in whatever aspect. But just like what you said, you must be confident not only outside but inside as well.

I love the beaches too. I try to go as often as I could during summers.

Hilde Tran said...

i love your page so much:)

Rae A. said...

You girls look great. I love the summery dewy skin.