Early Spring Fashion in Seoul

4:30 PM Chan Zubiaga 16 Comments

How are you ladies? I haven't been blogging lately, I missed you, haha! Two months from now, last week of March, we are going to have our vacation of the year in Seoul, South Korea. Am I excited? Super :D Since it is forecasted to have a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius, I better plan my outfits ahead of time. I don't want to under estimate the cold, so even though it's going to be early spring by then, jackets or coat is still a must on the list, including mittens, scarfs and bonnets, and of course, boots. In the case of the latter, think I'll just wear my ankle booties.

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bellabots said...

Hi There! I love your blog and nominated it for Liebster Award! hehe

Check out my post for further information :D

Vera said...

Wow, a Korea getaway! I can only dream of that for now. The boyfriend, I think, wouldn't be too interested in going there, but maybe with some prodding he will agree. hehe. Looking forward to visiting Korea through your future posts :)

aby ♥ said...

cool! time for booties and coats.. hehehe =)

tet ^0^ said...

I am really planning of going to Seoul soon. Apart from stalking my fave kpop groups, I want to experience Korean fashion first hand. Haha. :)

Jhari said...

Wow! Seoul! have a safe trip and enjoy every bit of the fun along the way.

Enjoy your Korean trip.. Gloves and boots are certainly a must to keep out the cold.

11 degrees is pretty cold better bundled up. enjoy your vacation.

Farida JT said...

you're in seoul now? wow, you'll be seeing the cherry blossoms soon! but i heard it is colder in korea than in japan. keep yourself warm and those pretty spring outfits will certainly look outstanding on you :)

Farida JT said...

xxx sorry, i had to read again.. i thought you were in korea now. happy trip and enjoy the cool weather!

I love all the fashion and accessories especially the scarf!:)
Seoul sound like a fun place to be! Yay:)

spring in seoul! how lovely! I wish i can go back to South Korea in a cold climate so I can wear my jackets and I have a reason to buy boots!

Mylene said...

Everyone will be excited to visit the home of cute korean novelas. Their culture is rich.
Better be prepared with your clothes than be sorry.

Chin chin said...

I wish I could go to Seoul Korea, too. A nice warm long jacket would be great for cold weather.

I'm beyond excited on your upcoming vacation. Booties and coats and scarf..:) It's gonna be fun.

Van said...

I bet you sure are excited for your Korean tour. Enjoy your getaway. I'm pretty sure you'll have lots of fun. :-)

Go, girl! Korean fashion is cool. Hoping to go on vacation this year, kahit local lang. :)