Celebrate Summer The Dumond Way

11:30 AM Chan Zubiaga 9 Comments

                                    photos from Polyvore; bag and shoes from Dumond Philippines  

My summer style is romantic, dreamy, light and carefree, as if you are just walking on the clouds. I love summer dresses that have light fabric, like cotton/linen or even chiffon, and with subtle colors that imbibe the beautiful summer season.

I have created these two styles as I imagine myself strolling by the beach or in a private resort, feeling the summer breeze that caresses my face, I am holding my straw hat. I am thinking, this is a perfect day for me.

I have picked the shoes and bags from Dumond's Spring/Summer Collection as they complement my style perfectly. Gorgeous, isn't it?

The Dumond way ultimately exudes the Brazilian beauty and style. Dumond offers premium quality shoes, bags and accessories which designs characterizes as elegant and sophisticated as a modern woman.

Choose your own summer style from Dumond's 2014 Spring/Summer Collection here.

                           The Promise by Cintamuni-1 (me) of Polyvore; purse and sandals from Dumond

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Rae A. said...

Love the shoes from dumond, it needs a little breaking in but it get comfortable na din after a while (on my wide feet)

Janice Lim said...

I love the pink dress and the sandals. So easy breezy! :)

look so comfy! :)

theresa said...

I get my shoes from a different brand but hearing great feedbacks from Dumond. I hope to try them one day.

Ooooh, I love the white bag and the sandals on the last photo! They look so pretty!

I never heard about this brand before, but looking at their style, its super cute! I hope I can try it someday.:)

Those shoes look very dainty but they are not for me.. I don't think I will be able to wear those type and run around with the kids.

I love sandals and I like that sandals. Also I like the white maxi dress. It looks cool to wear :)

I love the bag, the peach dress and the green flats. :-)