My Seoul Escape

11:52 AM Chan Zubiaga 8 Comments

How are you doing, lovelies? Last month I had a short vacation in Seoul, South Korea - I want to share with you the highlights of my trip :)

I have so many photos and it's very hard to squeeze everything in just one post. Anyway, these are some of the memories. Above is the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the vibe is very majestic, even jawdropping and that's not an exaggeration. Maybe because it is full of history. The Bukhansan
 Mountain serves as a beautiful backdrop for the palace.

Although I didn't see anyone taking a photo with the palace guards, I took a risk to have my photo taken. I slowly moved close to one of them and asked my officemate take a picture. Actually after that, other people also took theirs pictures with the guards ;)

Another must-see is the N Seoul Tower in Namsan. It is best to see it at night. But we were so tired that day that we were not able to go and see the inside of the tower.

We had to drop by Gangnam area since we are going to Everland, and we're glad to have stumbled upon these sakura :)

If you love theme parks and you happen to be South Korea, I highly suggest going to Everland theme park. At Everland, we are lucky to experience the Tulips Festival. There are a lot of flowers aside from tulips and the place is so colorful.

It is a happy place. I truly enjoyed the rides, the structures, the parade shows, especially riding the T Express rollercoaster, which is also the world's second steepest wooden rollercoaster at 77 degrees or so.

I think my most favorite part of our trip is going to Nami Island. It is a serene place where you can really unwind and replenish your energy lol. Whether or not one likes it, it just clears your mind. I literally felt my brain is filled with oxygen :D

Do you know Winter Sonata? This is where they filmed it :)

I want to try the lake cruise next time. There's also a zip line which crosses lake from Nami port to Nami Island. Such a lovely place.

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Aileen A said...

Seeing the lovely places makes me want to travel there someday. Glad you shared your wonderful time there.

Iconic pala talaga si Winter Sonata. I've seen that series and a lot lot more and one of my dream vacay is really to see South Korea. :-)

Ida JT said...

I wish I could see real sakuras too! It must be very beautiful :) The trip to SK must have been a breather from your busy schedule and it was great that you enjoyed the memorable vacation with your colleagues.

I love Seoul! Have you tried their food and those noodles in tents? I miss eating the real samgyetang.

Seoul is one of my dream destination. It's a lovely, peaceful place. I love all your photos.

Mommy Maye

kat said...

Japan and Korea are on my wishlist. Since may cherry blossoms na sa Korea, uunahin na lng siguro planuhin. :D

I love to Seoul someday, Its probably so amazing experiencing the food and culture. Thanks for sharing Sis:)

The place is very nice. Naalala ko tuloy ang mga koreanovelas here.
Kakatuwa naman ung sa guard. They are like those in Rizal Park.