Other Things To Do in Boracay

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Boracay is the most famous beach in the Philippines, and is one of the best in the world for sure. Its pristine powdery white sand is definitely world-class. Honestly, for me, it's like no other.

Move over from banana boating, snorkelling and helmet diving, the usual stuff. I have here a list of new and fun things to do in Boracay :) with photos, of course, to make it more amusing for you. This was from last year, and you may notice I am fatter than usual, as I really have gained weight back then, haha!

1. Stare at the beach. Just stare at it for a few minutes and let yourself be filled with beauty.

2. Make a sand castle (now this is something new! haha!)

3. Take a beach stroll with your friends

4. Take a photo paraw (native boats) boats all lined up :)

5. Indulge in local cuisine. Try this "sinigang sa hipon", one of the best Filipino dishes. It's a tamarind-based soup with shrimp and vegetables. This is a very energizing dish when you are near the beach.

6. Try riding the buggy car

7. Climb up the mountain (or ride the buggy car to get here) and see Boracay from overlooking

8. Enjoy great music with friends. Boracay is a happy place, and it is definitely more alive at night. You can find a couple of open bars by the beach which are just right next to each other, and they have some really, really good live bands playing all night long.

9. Ask one of your friends to sing with the band ;) You'll see here our friend, Dwight Gomez.

10. Try paraw sailing. This is best during habagat (monsoon) season. Make sure you hold on tight!

11. Take a picture while paraw sailing. But kids, don't try this at home. If you're afraid to drop your cellphone or camera to the water, you better use a GoPro instead :D

12. During a hot day, drink some refreshments infused with alcohol.

13. Feel good yourself after number 12, then have a laugh trip for a few minutes.

14. Try this famous 45-peso calamansi cupcake. I promise, you'll never regret it.

15. On your down time, write your name on the sand using a stick. Dwight is writing the name of our group here. We call ourselves, "Witches".

16. Maybe you already know this drill every time you go to the beach, but just to remind you, don't forget to capture the beautiful sunset. You'll thank yourself for that.

17. Write a love letter at the beach, or a diary.. or write about your next adventure!

18. Take a night stroll. Of course. Make sure you remove your slippers when you do. It feels amazing to the feet, you know, the cold, powdery sand..

 19. Try waking up one morning at the beach. Kidding!

20. Try to pose at one of D'Mall's cardboard cutouts. It's really fun like this! And Boracay, by the way, is kinda complete, every establishment that you need, souvenir shops, etc, they have it. I tell you, it's my kind of place.

21. Eat halo-halo. Make sure you taste this number one Filipino refreshment, which is shaved ice with a lot of sweet delicacies in it: leche flan, ube halaya and a lot more! This one is not to be missed!

22. Take a photo of people taking selfies :D

23. Take a feet selfie.

24. A glamour shot. LOL

25. And last but not the least, take a group shot :)

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theresa said...

Haven't been in Boracay yet. I hope I can make it a point to go there early next year perhaps? :)

Allan D said...

I can see that you really enjoy and had fun in your Boracay trip.
If I had a chance to go there, all I can do is to frame everything I can.

I have never been to Boracay but I have heard about how beautiful it is maybe a gazillion times. I am wishing I can go there the next time we come home. I love all the things you suggested especially the indulging in the cuisine part!

I want to go to Boracay. Maybe one of these days? I wish we have lots f time, hay...

The beach is really lovely. I hope to have a chance to go there too.

Ida JT said...

I've never set food on this famous beach but yes I'm still hoping someday... and witness the pristine sand, the fresh air, the party-people all over and delicious seafood!

Ida JT said...

I've never set food on this famous beach but yes I'm still hoping someday... and witness the pristine sand, the fresh air, the party-people all over and delicious seafood!

I never been to Boracay but hear a lot of good review and recommendation about the place. I think its about time to convince hubby..hehehe Thank you for sharing Sis. The photos are wonderful

Now I already know how to drive I'll make sure to try the buggy ride next time we visit Boracay.

I haven't been to Boracay for sometime now and I heard there are alot of changes--mostly the establishments. As much as I love Lemoni and English bakery and True Food --Geesh, I want to have the 1990 version back.