Trip To San Fransokyo and The Upcoming Tokyo Adventure

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Life doesn't always go the way you planned it -- Big Hero 6

Finding myself so stuck in a rut, emotional rut specifically, I went out with good company to see Baymax in the wonderful animation Big Hero 6. Well I still don't know where the number 6 came from.. err maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to the details. It's a good movie and I love the location of the scene, San Fransokyo, which is a very obvious merge of San Francisco and Tokyo, so very, very relatable. 

I think the movie is relatable because first, I'm going to Japan next month to spend my holidays there. LOL. Provided I will be granted a tourist Visa, then I will be flying solo to explore Tokyo and then Kyoto (hopefully, if I won't ran out of money). I thought I'm going to do this in 2016, but here I am. Life is so unexpected. I was supposed to meet a friend there so I booked a flight. But an unexpected event happened, turns out I will be spending the holidays by myself. I think that's cool still, but I'm kinda afraid.. afraid to get lost. Lost in translation? I'm pushing through anyway. It's time to woman up :)

                                           I also had this shot today for my Visa application

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