Unboxing of the LG G4

11:53 PM Chan Zubiaga 0 Comments

Yehey! It's definitely something to celebrate when you were able to finally upgrade your phone after four years. And this is the first time I got myself a line from Smart :)

So first of, I'm not going to review this phablet, but just going to show you what comes with the box
and how it looks like.

photo taken by LG G4

                                                                  photo taken by LG G4

So you see that looks like a normal charger. And of course, the earphones, which I personally think is quite fab with its mostly nylon makeup. I like the red color and the fact that it is not white so it is not easily stained.

Quite an upgrade, right?

The screen is 5.5 inches. The screen is bright enough for me and technically speaking, it has quantum IPS, whatever that means. What I like about it is it is cool with the eyes, definitely not something that will strain your eyes.

Did you see the first photos above? They were taken by this LG G4. Photos are superb, even boasting an 8mp for front camera alone. I also like its bigger sensor.. something that may accommodate wide angle shots.

Enough of the chatter! Let me play with my new toy now :D

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