Top 5 Weekend Travel Essentials

10:35 PM Chan Zubiaga 0 Comments

Always looking forward for the weekend for a getaway or just a short trip off-duty? I'm with you.

We know modern life is very hectic, and there are just so much goings on -- that it is very easy to make your life cluttered with things you don't really need. We tend to overpack. That is why it is so important to keep everything minimal, to just have the essentials. So let me share my top 5 weekend travel essentials:

1. Sneakers. You can wear sneakers with just about any outfit these days, agree? Plus the comfort it offers makes it my number one go-to footwear.

2. Multi-tasking bag/gym bag. Now this one is really essential for anyone living an active lifestyle. Whether you are just sleeping over your tita's house or an out of town with friends, this is really handy.

3. Scarf. I like to bring scarves when I go on vacays because it is so multi tasking. Not to mention the edge it gives you when it comes to being fashionable.

4. Beauty oil. For some, they would probably prefer sunblock over this. But I have started to shy away from too much chemicals especially the ones I apply on my skin. I use a beauty oil which helps my skin keep its moisture. I think this works especially well to those with very sensitive skin. Oils, as long as they are organic, can work as a face cleanser and as a moisturizer.

5. Sunglasses. To protect your beautiful peepers from the sun and the wind, especially when on commute -- from the pollution. It gives a swag to your outfit, too. I think aviators are just as versatile as the ones in this list.

How about you, what's your on your list? :)

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