Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

10:59 AM Chan Zubiaga 8 Comments

Fibr, because it has high speed fiber optic, is now the most powerful broadband in town, making the odds to be definitely in my favor since I can do a lot of things and be more efficient with my time.

Are you excited to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, too? Imagine we're in that movie, or I am in that movie, I will make use of Fibr so I can view my opponents' moves real-time. I shall determine then each of their weaknesses or how best destroy them.

And if I were to create a character inspired by Fibr, he will be someone who has a power to 1)disintegrate his body into pieces, form into different shapes and sizes and 2)can transcend time and space. He can penetrate different dimensions or go back in time since he can transcend it anyway. That way he will ultimately be invincible, almost like a god! Anyway, that was just in my imaginations. But yeah, they should create a character like that, too. What do you think?

Fibr, Home's most powerful broadband, allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously experience the following:

1. Browsing of multiple websites
2. Stream hundreds blockbuster movies on-demand from Clickplay
3. Watch Cignal Digital TV Channels

PLDT Home Fibr is available now in over 800 fiber-powered villages nationwide. Visit or call 101-FIBR (3427) for more details.


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eof777 said...

Sounds like something I could use to replace this wonky wifi I have. :-(
Hope you/your loved ones are safe in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.
Sending prayers and blessings your way!

Farida said...

how expensive can this be kaya? i'm pretty happy with what we have now but there are times when i think i need to use a faster speed for skype to work better.

Allan said...

We are also plannning to change our wi-max outdoor to DSL. I'll try inquire if we can immediately shift to DSL since PLDT and Smart are of the same company. I hope it will be fine.

Great eye wear...(just wondering if I can ever be that sexy upon wearing the pair of glass? I wish! hehehe) Kidding aside that looks cool!

Naku, I've been wanting to upgrade my internet plan for the longest time. Kaya lang it looks like I can only do that when we transfer to the new house na. How much does this plan cost kaya?

We are thinking of switching to PLDT or Globe. Our lock in period will expire na next year. Fibr looks promising so I'll keep this in mind.

is it available in Cagayan de Oro na?

eof777 said...

How is it doing? Still fast and efficient? Let us know. :-)