A Yoga Pose To Help You Destress

It's been so stressful lately in the office because it is 'peak' season. My work requires me to sit all day facing the computer and finish the tasks at hand. A lot of times I miss my breaks or if not, have my lunch late. Times like this, I go to the wash room or some open space and do a few quick forward bends, or if possible (if no one is around), my favorite de-stressing pose, the downward facing dog pose, shown below.

                              Photo from www.yogamalacapetown.files.wordpress.com

What I notice everytime I do this pose is that it seems like it puts your blood circulation back to its normal flow, I instantly feel roelaxed after doing this. Plus, your muscles (and bones, probably) get a good stretch, too! So who would need a gym and the machines if one knows these basics? :)

Have a nice day!

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Thanks for sharing this one. I think I need some means to lessen the very stressful week.