Baguio Tree Top Adventure

1:38 AM Chan Zubiaga 5 Comments

This is my so-called solo adventure, because why not? It's a new experience, and I have conquered it well. This happened late last June, I was hesitant at first because I was supposed to visit Baguio with my aunt and cousin but they backed out the last minute. Having filed my vacation time and having been approved a few
days ahead, left me almost no choice but to pursue the leaves, but solo. It turned out to be quite an adventure :)

The treetop adventure was at the top of mind. It's really included in my plans, aside from food trip. So I braved myself the first morning I woke up in Baguio, mind you it was drizzling and all fogginess, but surprisingly, not so much as chilling as it is during the ber months. Ah.. writing this makes me want to go back! Being in one with nature is a necessity. I felt like I was once again alive, like I inhaled a new breath of life.

                                                              Si kuya, one of the operators  

                                             I could actually touch it! Pine tree in miniature effect

So that's what you call relaxing thousands feet above sea level. I really would like to do this again or just relax here at Camp John Hay. I think I've found my third place, aside from home (first) and office (second). Next time, I'll bring my mom and my beautiful niece.

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Ida JT said...

I would love to experience this adventure too! This seems to be very liberating and at the same time a good way to overcome our fears :)

Teri said...

It looks creepy. XD Maybe Edward Cullen is hiding somewhere. It looks cold in the picture. It makes me shiver.

~" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana "~

You are so brave to go on adventure alone. I don't have the guts to do that.. :-)

Were you able to do all the activities they offer? Coz I think some of it are good for two.

Chan Zubiaga said...

@Bennette, good for two activities, you mean? I actually chose the canopy & follicular with treakking package.. however, the trekking part was so-so, I don't recommend including that in your package. I initially thought of getting the "superman" but was not able to because of the heavy fog, they don't allow it. They say they only allow the "superman" and the "tree drop" during summer when the skies are clear.